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OER11 Open Educational Resources 2011

10 May 2011 - 12 May 2011
Manchester Conference Centre

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Janet Dyson
20 April 2011

Taken from the conference website

OER11 takes place at the Manchester Conference Centre, in central Manchester. Building on the success of OER10, the programme will consist of a stimulating and engaging mix of over 70 refereed papers, workshops, symposiums and demos all exploring and reflecting on the impact of OER on HE within the conference themes.

The three themes of the conference are:

  1. OER Strategy and Sustainability
  2. Academic Practice and digital scholorship
  3. Collaboration and Communities

OER strategy and sustainability:

The OER movement has experienced substantial growth across the globe.  In part this growth has been driven by strategies adopted by governments, educational institutions, organisations and initiatives.  What impact have these strategies had?  How have conflicting drivers such as commercial exploitation been addressed?  How have these strategies been implemented in practice?  Many OER initiatives have come about through funded projects.  What has happened once the project money was spent? Can successful business models be built around OER?  Share your sustainability success stories.

Academic practice and digital scholarship:

Academic practice is a product of many influences.  How can OER be made part of it?  What role can OER play in professional development?  What contribution can OER make to standards frameworks such as the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE. Digital technologies and communication channels are changing many of the practices and ideas surrounding the value and impact of scholarship to different audiences and OER as digital content or tools are contributing to these practices and ideas.  How are learners engaging with and contributing to OER? We welcome proposals that explore the changing nature of scholarship and the role of OER within it.

Collaboration and communities:

Most successful OER initiatives have collaboration at their core.  What role does OER play in fostering collaborative ventures?   Established communities, be they discipline-based or occupation-related, have provided some of the most successful OER exemplars. What are the particular challenges and benefits of such communities - and how do we foster their development? The strong support for social networking in Web 2.0 seems to provide huge opportunities for developing such communities. But can we simply carry over informal social networking practices into professional communities? How do we balance the conflicting demands of quality and inclusivity? What is the role of learners in these communities?


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