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Refreshing Assessment Project presentation 2

19 June 2011
Ambient Lab, Jennie Lee Building, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

Understanding how to make interactive computer marked assessment questions more reliable and valid

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11 May 2011

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Understanding how to make interactive computer marked assessment questions more reliable and valid: An introduction to test psychometrics’ is the title of Lester Gilbert’s presentation at The Open University on 20th June.  Lester, of Southampton University, will explain ‘test psychometrics’ reliability and validity concepts. 

What denotes high quality e-assessment usually focuses on test psychometrics (reliability, validity), pedagogy (mapping to intended learning outcomes) and practical issues (mainly security and accessibility).  Topics in the talk will include:

  • identifying easier and more difficult questions so they can be appropriately distributed within a test (easier usually first, difficult later)
  • identifying ‘weak’ questions and improving them (distractor attractiveness)
  • eliminating weak questions from a test and re-scoring (item-test correlation)
  • estimating over test quality (Cronbach alpha, Kuder-Richardson KR-20)
  • and issues in item banking (contextual dependency of item quality)

Dr Denise Whitelock of IET and Lester Gilbert worked together on the SRAFTE project (Synthesis Report on Assessment and Feedback with Technology Enhancement) – see

This presentation is the second in a series of three Refreshing Assessment project presentations being held during June at the Walton Hall campus.

The presentation starts at 11.30 am and takes place in the Ambient Lab on the ground floor of the Jennie Lee Building.  Please contact Tracey Hawker if you wish to attend.

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