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Refreshing Assessment Project presentation 3

28 June 2011
Jennie Lee Building Meeting room 1 on the ground floor, Walton Hall

An assessment talk by Professor Don Mackenzie

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From Trivial Pursuit to Serious e-Assessment: Authoring and maintaining quality questions for online delivery’ is the title of the presentation given by Professor Don Mackenzie of Professional e-Assessment Services on 29th June at The Open University.

The session takes a holistic view of e-assessments and the role of questions within them.  We open with a brief overview of the e-assessment cycle and review the processes for ensuring quality at the various stages within it before embarking upon a more detailed discussion of aspects of question design necessary to form a coherent, engaging and rigorous assessment, both summative and formative.

The aspects covered during the session will include:

  • Rationale for the test and the mode of delivery
  • Question design within the e-assessment cycle
  • Congruence with the learning outcome associated with the test as a whole
  • Knowledge of the functionality of the assessment delivery system
  • Range of question types available + some applications
  • Using question behaviour to adjust the level of difficulty
  • Presentation and types of feedback for formative assessments
  • Pre-testing questions and peer review prior to delivery
  • Appropriate scoring rationale & pitfalls
  • 'Guess factors' and appropriate pass marks
  • Importance of post-test evaluation of question performance
  • Feedback into question and assessment design of subsequent assessments

The very informal session will be illustrated and there will be an opportunity to discuss examples of your own questions, so please bring along one or two from your discipline to contribute to the general discussion.   The tools available on screen for answering questions are generally rather limited, (point & click, drag & drop, draw lines/arrows, text/numeric entry) so be as imaginative as possible.  It is possible to design e-assessment questions that test more than just basic knowledge and it is possible to test aspects of some disciplines where you might think that this form of assessment was not appropriate, so if you have not tried it yet, have a go and let's move on from the multiple choice mindset!

Professor Don Mackenzie is an advisor on the SRAFTE project (Synthesis Report on Assessment and Feedback with Technology Enhancement) – see  Don has 28 years experience of teaching Earth Sciences (geochemistry, mineral deposit geology and mineral exploration) to undergraduates and has been working in the area of computer-based teaching, e-learning and e-assessment development since 1989.  He is the originator and principal programmer of the powerful and highly interactive TRIADS e-assessment system and has worked on HEFCE-TLTP course-ware, HEFCE-FDTL and JISC e-assessment projects.

This presentation is the third in a series of three Refreshing Assessment project presentations being held during June at the Walton Hall campus.

The presentation starts at 11.30 am and takes place in Jennie Lee Building Meeting room 1 on the ground floor.  Please contact Tracey Hawker if you wish to attend.

More about Professor Don Mackenzie:

From 1999 to 2005 Don was head of the Centre for Interactive Assessment Development (CIAD) at the University of Derby which provided a university-wide and complete e-assessment consultancy, production, delivery and results reporting service for all tutors.

Don is the originator and programmer of the code engine that powers the BioScope, microscope simulation software populated with example teaching sets of slides by Cambridge Assessment, published by Cambridge-Hitachi and nominated for a BETT award in 2006.

From 2005 to 2010 Don was e-Assessment Research Manager in ‘Innovation for Learning’ the commercial e-business division of the University of Derby undertaking bespoke e-assessment consultancy and production for clients in commerce, the NHS and in education.  Most recent NHS applications centre upon the production of scored formative e-assessments in the areas of prescription, administration and management of medicines that are suitable for post-qualification training, continuing professional development and competency assurance.

Don is now an independent e-assessment consultant continuing to work mainly on applications for continuing professional development in medicines management and prescription for a number of NHS clients.

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