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Teaching Agile in Business Schools

23 June 2011
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield

BMAF Workshop on teaching Agile in Business Schools

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17 June 2011

The aim of this workshop is to initiate discussion and debate on learning and teaching aspects of agile in business and business-related disciplines 

Agile is an “umbrella” term for a set of related system development and project management methodologies based on individuals, interactions, working products, close collaboration with customers and rapid response to change. According to the most recent Forrester/Dr. Dobbs Global Developer Technographics® Survey, Q3 2009, 35% of respondents stated that Agile most closely reflects their development process, with the number increasing to 45% when an extended definition of Agile is used. This rapid adoption of agile methodologies in IT departments is indicating the need for spreading the understanding and application of agile principles and practices in other non-IT business units.
The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Present lessons learned from teaching agile in Computer Science curriculum;
  • Present industry views on the relevance of agile approach for businesses and organizations
  • Present educational case-studies, with the emphasis on pedagogical issues
  • Facilitate discussion of the practical implications of teaching agile in business schools, in particular, on theoretical background of agile and current research in agile
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