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Professional learning Self Assessment for Teachers

Exploring and discovering what teachers want as self assessment for their own digital journeys

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Tony Searl
14 September 2011

As professionals, we should all be moving our own digital learning forward.

One size does not fit all, so highly personalised, user context PL is the future.

How would you set your own PL goals in this environment?

What feedback do you need to know how you are going with your PL goals?

How would you prefer your PL be supported and rewarded?

How can PLANE best incorporate SELF ASSESSMENT FEATURES (SAF) that teachers feel will assist them in integrating ICTs in their classrooms?

How do you currently reflect on your use of ICT as an A) learner and B) teacher?

What self assessment  tools, ideas, apps, websites, would encourage you to explore further and embedd higher order ICTs in your daily practice?

Should your ICT Professional Learning be recognised for annual efficiency, promotion, remuneration, time in lieu? Other ideas?


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