Pilot Online 'Learn About' Fair

2 November 2011

A pilot version trialling the concept of running part of the 'Learn About' Fair online

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Anna Page
19 September 2011

Please note - in this pilot there was no face-to-face element of the fair at Walton Hall.

Thank you to those who joined in the pilot online 'Learn About' fair via Elluminate.  If you tried to join but didn't succeed in joining us, please complete the feedback form anyway to tell us how you got stuck.

LIVE LINK to the IET Technology Coffee morning started at 10:00 am in the Jennie Lee Building - if you joined remotely (by pasting the link into Quicktime rtsp:// please tell us what you thought by completing the feedback form.  The podcast of this event is now available at http://youtu.be/1AhzcwjJEJc.

If you want to send a comment or a question to the Technology Coffee morning presenters, please email a.c.page@open.ac.uk


If you tried or succeeded in participating in the Pilot Online 'Learn About' fair, please complete the appropriate feedback form:

Participants http://www3.open.ac.uk/forms/OLAF2011feedback/

Presenters/Moderators http://www3.open.ac.uk/forms/OLAF2011presenterfeedback/

Podcast of the IET Technology Coffee morning http://youtu.be/1AhzcwjJEJc


The 'Learn About' Fair team have long wanted to make it possible for staff members based in Regional/National Offices and Associate Lecturers to participate in the 'Learn About' Fair.  The face-to-face fair has been held annually at Walton Hall since 2008 as a drop-in event for all staff, providing the chance to find out about the latest developments in the use of technology in education.  Some of these developments are featured in the online 'Learn About' Guides.

We are exploring the use of Elluminate to support synchronous online conversations at a short online only version of the fair so that people in the regions/nations can ask questions of 'Learn About' Fair 'online stallholders' during a specified time period.  We are trialling this for Associate Lecturers and all other regionally based staff in the North and North West regional areas on 2 November 2011 for 90 minutes from 12 noon - 1:30 pm, covering 2 topics (Elluminate and Learning Systems).

We have limited our publicity to people in two northern regional centres because these centres have expressed interest in helping to host the fair.  We welcome any OU staff member who wishes to join in (we have no intention of excluding anyone, even if you are not based in these two regional areas).  You can participate in the online 'Learn About' Fair from the comfort of your own desk!

This is a pilot to try out and test how well the online elements support participation in the fair, therefore we would like all those who participate to help us evaluate it by feeding back their comments and experiences to us after the event (via an online form - see links at the bottom of this page). 


As an added bonus to the pilot online fair we will be live web streaming the IET Technology Coffee morning which takes place at 10:00 am - approximately 11:30 am on Wednesday 2 November.  This is a separate, face-to-face event (which will be recorded for playback as a video podcast), and we are extending coverage to enable a remote audience to join in live (and ask questions via Twitter or email).   The link to the web stream will appear here on the day.

This will be followed by the Pilot Online 'Learn About' Fair sessions hosted in Elluminate:  join the fair between 12:00 noon and 1:30 pm on Wednesday 2 November 2011 via http://learn.open.ac.uk/site/iet-laf (access to this link is open to all staff ).

See schedule for the event for details.

Participants of the main event will be able to drop in and out any time to ask questions (either verbally or using the text chat facility), listen to what others are saying and look through the whiteboard contents.  The live presentations will take place near the beginning of each session but are not essential viewing as we would like to encourage users to drop in and ask questions throughout the session and not feel as if they have missed out if they haven't seen the presentation - the face-to-face fair has always been very informal and topic 'stallholders/presenters' will be very happy to answer questions. The recording of the event will be available afterwards for people to listen to again, although only the main room will be recorded.


See http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/5910 for details of what you will need and how to join in the fair.

The two regional centres (8 and 9) have each booked a room with PCs, headphones/microphones and Elluminate to support your participation in the fair if you would prefer not to sit at your desk or join from home: