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ASLD 2011 - London Knowledge Lab, 13-14 October

12 October 2011 - 13 October 2011
London Knowledge Lab, London, UK

The Art and Science of Learning Design workshop

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Yishay Mor
2 October 2011 

The Learning Design Grid STELLAR Theme team is organising ASLD 2011, an investigative workshop in Learning Design to be hosted at the London Knowledge Lab. An innovative, exploratory workshop, it will cover not only empirical and theoretical issues but also software and tools.

Workshop Agenda

Day one: the science

13:00 Arrival (Tea and Coffee served)

13:20 Welcome (Prof Richard Noss) and Plenary. Conference co-chairs will give an overview and explain how the workshop works.

14:00 Group Work along three subject strands. Delegates will join the group related to the strand in which their paper was submitted:

15:30 Tea & Coffee Break

16:00 Plenary: Each stand presents their work and takes quick questions.

16:30 Group Work: Delegates regroup into different subject strands to map issues, raise questions and identify directions for further work. Groups produce a presentation on their work.
(we will split into three groups - green, yellow and orange)

17:30 Closing Plenary

18:00 End of day

19:30 Dinner


Day two: the art

The second day will focus on experimenting with different learning design tools, and exploring how the insights from the first day are projected onto these.

09:00 Arrival (Tea and Coffee served)

09:15 Plenary

09:30 Learning Design Tools Bazaar
demos of the software tools will be available for each group to work with. (Each delegate submitting software will assist others in using it.) Using a template (provided), each participant will produce a brief review of the tool, the process, and how it reflects on the issues from Day 1.

11:30 Plenary Discussion: emerging themes, outputs, reflections, and ways forward

12:30 Lunch (provided)

13:30 Discussion of future plans, publications, and goodbyes

14:00 End of Workshop

All accepted contributions presented at the workshop will be published in an edited volume (subject to review). Authors of Selected papers will be invited to submit significantly revised and extended versions of their manuscripts to be considered for publication in a Special Journal issue (confirmation pending). 

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