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BETT 2012

11 January 2012 - 14 January 2012
Olympia, London

Powering Learning

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Rebecca Galley
4 January 2012

From the website:

Dedicated to showcasing the best in UK and international educational technology products, resources and best practice, BETT has enabled thousands of practitioners to enhance their knowledge of learning through technology. Taking place each January at Olympia in London, BETT attracts more than 600 educational suppliers and around 30,000 visitors. It brings together the global teaching and learning community for four days of innovations and inspirations. BETT is the world’s leading event for educational technology where education professionals can evaluate and purchase a comprehensive range of ICT products and services. From early years to universities, BETT is an indispensable part of the annual knowledge-gathering process, coming at a time when establishments are planning and budgeting for the new school year. BETT 2012 takes place on 11-14 January 2012, at Olympia in London. Entry to BETT is free. Register here.

BETT radio (via Terry Freedman)

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