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IET Technology Coffee Morning: Pelagios2 Project

3 July 2012
Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
2 March 2012

Abstract:  On-line resources that reference ancient places are multiplying rapidly, but users currently have no way of easily navigating between them or comparing their contents. Pelagios, a growing international collective of online ancient world projects, helps digital humanists make their data more discoverable and empowers real-world users (scholars, students and the general public) to find information about ancient places and visualize that in meaningful ways.

In this presentation I address these two major workflows. First, I outline the method by which partners prepare their data so that it can be linked together in an open and transparent manner: i.e. what are the processes that you should undertake if you want to make your data Pelagios compliant? Second, I consider the various ways in which the results can be visualized, paying particular attention to the tools and technologies used and the problems encountered. As well as demonstrating the value of taking a lightweight Linked Open Data approach to addressing problems of discoverability, interconnectivity and reusability of online resources, I also flag up a number of real-world practical concerns that continue to hinder our attempt to escape the ‘siloing’ mentality, which inhibits many other data integration initiatives.

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting room 1 Ground Floor

Presenter: Dr Elton Barker (ARTS) (10:15 start for this event only)

Date: 4 July 2012

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