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7Cs Generic Workshop Resources

This cloudscape contains a set of generic workshop resources that can be used and adapted for future 7Cs workshops

Cloudscape created by:

Gabi Witthaus
25 April 2012

This cloudsacpe is based on a pilot study during March and April 2012, in which we experimented with the integration of resources from the University of Leicester's Carpe Diem learning design workshop programme and the OU's OULDI materials. Background to the pilot can be found at

The resources provided in this Cloudscape should enable a learning design workshop facilitator to lead a two to three day face-to-face workshop, or a two-to-three week long online workshop. The core of this Cloudscape is a Powerpoint presentation, available at This presentation takes participants systematically through a series of eight learning design "e-tivities", and provides guidance and support for both the workshop facilitator and the participants at each stage in the process.

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