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OLDS-MOOC Design Workshop July 2012

24 July 2012
Open University, Meeting Room 1, Jennie Lee Building, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

Workshop by invitation only but this Cloudscape will collate activities and ideas from the OLDS-MOOC design workshop

Cloudscape created by:

Rebecca Galley
29 June 2012

Face to face workshop by invitation only but this Cloudscape will collate activities and ideas from the OLDS-MOOC design workshop. Please do get involved in the Cloud discussion and activities and share your ideas about our designs as they emerge

Workshop aims

  • Define the context, aims and pedagogical approach for the OLDS-MOOC
  • Project these into the evaluation strategy, and derive design principles and patterns from these
  • Outline the design of the MOOC and produce a storyboard with week-by-week themes/ topics/ activities
  • Agree on a division of labour and timeline for production


 Opening plenary

 Activity 1: Mapping the context

            Ecology of Resources (Katarina) 30 mins

            ForceMaps (Yishay) 30 mins

            Lattice Model (Simon) 30 mins

 Activity 2: Sketching the Design

            OULDI Course Map (Rebecca) 30 mins

            Collaborative sketching (Brock) 45 mins

 Activity 3: Storyboarding (Ale)

 Activity 4: Design review (Diana) 30 mins

 Closing plenary

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Please note that we will be recording as much of the workshop as possible so that we can share our design work openly with others. Additionally, some of the presentations may be reused as resources in the MOOC itself. By participating in the workshop, we assume that you are happy for us to video you and make these videos openly available.

If you don’t want to be recorded for any reason, please speak to Rebecca Galley.

Workshop participants

Alejandro Armelini (University of Leicester), Katerina Avramides (London Knowledge Lab),  Peter Bryant (University of Greenwich), Ning Chen, (London Knowledge Lab),  Anna Comas-Quinn (The Open University) Grainne Conole (University of Leicester) Brock Craft  (London Knowledge Lab) Rebecca Galley (The Open University), Craig Jeffcott (University of London), Anne Jelfs (The Open University), David Kernohan (JISC), Diana Laurillard (London Knowledge Lab), Yishay Mor (The Open University), Anna Page (The Open University), Beck Pitt (The Open University), Steve Warburton (International Programme, University  of London),  Dave White (University of Oxford)


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