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Management Theory at Work

Expands on previous cloud to include wider topics

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Will Pollard
30 October 2012

Management Theory at Work started as two conferences about a decade ago. The online version is working towards a face-to-face event but there is no date yet. On YouTube there are clips from recent talks by John Burgoyne who also spoke at the first conference.

He starts with the "end of leadership" as a topic, but considers "scientific leadership" and design science applioed to organisations. This could relate to design science for teaching as described by Diana Laurillard and Grainne Conole.

The second section considers ethics and some way to avoid the environmental consequences if western consumer values continue in the new economies.

Earlier it emerged that Gibson Burrell's talk on design was useful in thinking about options for a design approach.

At the Work Foundation there is study of innovation, including academic publishing through Knowledge Unlatched.  They also study copyright and creativity so there is a comparison with music and video content. Technology is part of this situation and relates back to how the rest of the #mtw3 content is presented.



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