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10 January 2013 - 17 January 2013

Activity for week 1 of the OLDS MOOC

Image by Tom Kelly

Cloudscape created by:

Yishay Mor
14 November 2012

This activitity is part of OLDS MOOC Week 1: initiate.  

To view ideas for projects that have been set up already, please scroll down.

What's your dream techno-pedagogical innovation? What is the change would you like to bring about?

  • Create a cloud called “[Your name]: My dream: Learning design project proposal”. Describe a learning situation you are involved in, a change you would like to see in that situation, and how you think you can bring about that change. You can use the template cloud as guidance.
  • Add that cloud to your portfolio cloudscape, and to this cloudscape.
  • Search for proposals with a similar context, challenge, or techno-pedagogical approach. Comment on them, note the links to your proposal, consider synergies.

If you're tweeting about this week's activity, use the #oldsmooc_w1 hashtag and your tweet will appear on the sidebar.

Please use the feedback cloud to share any insights, comments or questions about this activity.


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