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Contextualise your project (using scenarios)

17 January 2013 - 24 January 2013

Develop initial scenarios to facilitate participation, drive inquiry into context, and develop understanding of context.

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20 November 2012

Use this to start to contextualise your learning design project.

Look at your week 1 project description (if you don't have a project choose one you like from the dreambazaar or create one now). Think of a story about learning related to your project: Who and what is involved? Why? When? Where? How? What happens?

To think about

 This process may raise more questions than it answers.

  • What don't you know about the context of your learning design?
  • How might you find out more? What methods might you use?

Make suggestions in the discussion around scenarios. It is unlikely you will have time to do much research into the context of your design problem during the week but if you do it would be great if you tell us about it.

Remember. Scenarios are useful for starting design conversations. Don't invest too much effort and time in developing intial scenarios - this may make it more difficult for you to revise them. Do come back to your initial scenarios and revise them as you find out more.

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