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1 EOR: What help is potentially available in learners' contexts?

17 January 2013 - 24 January 2013

Introduction, example and templates for Ecology of Resources design framework phase 1.

Image by Luckin, R

Cloudscape created by:

Joshua Underwood
21 November 2012

Apply phase 1 of the Ecology of Resource Design Framework to your project to help you identify:

  • help (resources) that may be available to learners & your design.
  • constraints (filters) on participants' interactions with resources.
  • people and technology that may be able to guide learners and provide and remove help in ways that encouraging learning (More Able Partners MAPs).


  1. Look at the Ecology of Resources introduction cloud
  2. Look at How to develop an Ecology of Resources model phase 1 and look through some more examples
  3. Use the eor phase 1 templates to consider potentially available resources in your project and create an initial EoR learner context model for your design challenge.
  4. Create a cloud called "[yourname]: eor phase 1" to display your EoR learner context models and related analysis you want to share (example). Add that cloud to this cloudscape and to your portfolio.
  5. Look out for other participants' clouds and provide feedback. Request feedback on your cloud.
  6. Re-read your initial scenario and consider revising it to make use of sources of help and acknowledge filters you have identified. What insights, if any, have you gained through phase 1 of the EoR framework? Add your thoughts to your cloud (or portfolio).

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