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3 EOR: Re-designing learner context

17 January 2013 - 24 January 2013

Example, guidance & templates for applying phase 3 of the Ecology of Resources Design Framework.

Cloudscape created by:

Joshua Underwood
27 November 2012

Use phase 3 of the Ecology of Resource Design Framework to consider:

  • how to adjust relationships (identified in phase 2) so as to improve opportunities for learning.
  • how to support More Able Partners (identified in phase 1) in providing and fading help appropriately so as to scaffold learning experiences.
  • how to guide participants (learners and others) in enacting the narratives described in your scenarios.


Work through steps 1 to 3 below individually or in groups. You may want to use a shared doc (example) and/or Google+ hangout or similar. Then summarise and display your initial design ideas (step 4).

  1. Watch the 10 second intro to phase 3 of the EoR Design Framework.
  2. Look at the EoR model (resources and filters), learner resources and More Able Partners (MAPs) you identified in EoR phase 1. Consider ways of changing the availability of suitable resources. Consider ways of supporting interactions between MAPs and learners (e.g. by sharing information) - for help see section 1 of example.
  3. Look at the relationships you identified as important in EoR phase 2. Consider ways your design might change these - for help see section 2 of example.
  4. Look at your scenario/s. Rewrite it to explore design ideas coming out of steps 1 & 2 - for help see section 3 of example.
  5. Create a cloud to display and share your ideas from steps 1, 2 & 3 (see example). Add that cloud to your portfolio cloudscape and this cloudscape.
  6. Request feedback on your new cloud. Look out for other participants' clouds and provide feedback.

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