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OLDS MOOC project teams

10 January 2013 - 17 January 2013

form project teams for your learning design project

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Yishay Mor
3 December 2012

This activitity is part of OLDS MOOC Week 1: initiate.

Form a team of 3-5 participants, that will work together throughout the MOOC on a learning design project. This could be an organic team you work with regularly, and a concrete project you are already committed to, or it could be a team you form for the MOOC with people you met at the MOOC. Here are a few tips that may help you find a team:

  • Check the  existing projects listed below. If you find something interesting, ask the existing team members to join.
  • Scan the dreambazaar proposals and find participants with similar interests.
  • Start / join a thread on the open discussion group.
Once you formed a team, you will have to agree on roles, practices an conventions among team members. Then...

  • Create a cloudscape for your team. If you need any help - try the getting started cloud. Use the "permissions" link on the right-hand navigation to add all team members as "admins" for your cloud.
  • Create an overview cloud in that cloudscape, which presents the team members, the core motivations for the project, the context in which it is situated, and the challenge within that context it aims to address. Add that cloud to this cloudscape.
  • Visit other team's overview pages and comment on them. Specifically, ask them for any clarifications you may find neccesary in the descriptions of their context and challenge.

Please use the feedback cloud to share any insights, comments or questions about this activity.

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