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Personas, Force Maps and Scenarios

Cloudscape created by:

Joshua Underwood
5 December 2012

This cloudscape is for collecting examples of scenarios developed by OLDSMOOC participants using personas and force maps.

  1. Read about personas
  2. Use this template to to create persona cards for your learning design project, and add them to this cloudscape and to your project and personal portfolios. You can create a copy of the google doc or copy the headings and create the persona card in the medium of your choice.
  3. Read about "factors and concerns" and use the template at to distill factors and concerns from your personas. 
  4. Use the factors and concerns you identified to construct a force map of your context. Post your force map to a cloud and add it to this cloudscape.
  5. Read about scenarios in the learning design grid and the interaction design encyclopedia
  6. Create scenarios that describe possible paths of learners engaging with your learning design.
  7. Post the personas, factors and concerns, force map and scenarios to a cloud, and add it to this cloudscape.
  8. Remember to look at and comment on at least two clouds in this cloudscape from other participants.

You can see an example of how we used personas and forcemaps to design the olds mooc. You can also see some more examples of force maps on flickr.

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