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H800 Design Narratives

Cloudscape created by:

Yishay Mor
6 December 2012

  • create a cloud called “<your name>’s design narrative: <title>”. If you have never used cloudworks before, you should find these clouds and cloudscapes helpful:,
  • Edit your design narrative cloud, using the template below (copy and paste it to your cloud), to tell the story of your personal learning design experience.
  • Review two design narratives posted by other students, and comment on them. Particularly, note any unclear or ambiguous details – is the narrator making implicit assumptions? Are her claims regarding the effects of her design grounded in evidence? Are her conclusions well-founded? (If you’re an early bird, and you posted your narrative quickly, you may need to more on and return to this task later).

design narrative template

Title choose an informative and attractive name


What was your role in the story?


Describe the physical, social and intentional factors that define the design space. E.g. where and when did this occur? In what kind of space? Who were the key actors, and what were the relations between them? What where the beliefs and desires which shaped their interaction?


What were you trying to achieve? What was your measure of success?


List the actions you took in chronological order, note their effects – expected and unexpected. Highlight any obstacles you encountered, and explain how you tried to overcome them.


List the expected and unexpected outcomes of your actions. To what degree did you meet your objectives? What additional outcomes did you engender? Provide evidence to back your claims.


Reflect on your experience. What transferable insights did you gain?

Clouds in this Cloudscape

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