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Seek and Deploy

14 February 2013

Cloudscape for Seek and Deply activity for week 6 of the OLDS MOOC

Cloudscape created by:

Marion Manton
11 December 2012

Now we want you to see if you can find any OER for your design.  You will find plenty of places to start looking in the document Finding online resources: help and guidance for tutors, and the  Finding  OER from the 'SCORE' project at the Open University.  If you are working alone or in a  group on a design which has been building up throughout the course, each see if you can discover an OER which can be used in the Design and post a link + brief description with the rest of your design outputs, and link to it from here.


If you're tweeting about this week's activity, use the oldsmooc-w6 hashtag and your tweet will appear on the sidebar.

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