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Prepare to launch

14 December 2012

Cloudscape for Prepare to launch activity for week 6 of the OLDS MOOC

Cloudscape created by:

Marion Manton
11 December 2012

TASK "Prepare to launch" As you will already know from the Seek and deploy task that it can be hard to find an OER that you are happy to use unchanged.  As a result you may want to adapt an OER you have found (check it does not have an ND license) or openly license some content of your own.  If you are thinking of the latter do review the SCORE Creating resource. If you have any outstanding questions then do look at the resource set created by the OER IPR Support project, you may want to begin with the Starter pack, but there is lots more to explore if you are interested.

In either case share your new or modified OER in this cloudscape, and if you want to share them through a repository such as JORUM, or edxplore other options for Storing OER.

Reflect on this experience in a blog post or by joining the discussion on this cloud.

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