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OLDS MOOC Launch event

7 January 2013
Online and Meeting room 1, Jennie Lee Building, Walton Hall, The Open University

The live launch event for the Open Learn Design Studio MOOC

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14 December 2012

The announcment before the event

The abundance of free, high-quality learning resources challenge the role of educators as conveyors of knowledge, while the breath-taking speed of technology development, and human knowledge in general, accentuates the role of educators as designers of experiences which enable effective learning - educators as learning designers.  This shift in the perception of educational practice raises some difficult questions regarding the ways by which quality learning designs are created, validated, and shared.

These questions will be explored by the first Open Learning Design Studio Massive Open Online Course (OLDS MOOC) "Learning Design for a 21st Century Curriculum" (, a free and open nine week course led by the Open University’s Institute of Educational Technology, in partnership with Goldsmiths University, University of Greenwich, Heriot-Watt University, University of Leicester, University of London (Centre for Distance Education and London Knowledge Lab at the Institute of Education) and the University of Oxford.

The structure of the MOOC reflects a proposed process for a design inquiry project. In such a process, designers identify a (learning/curriculum) design challenge, explore it to gain an understanding of its context and driving forces, generate possible solutions, implement a solution and reflect on the process as a whole and its outputs.

We are delighted to announce that a live launch event of the OLDS MOOC will be held on Monday 7th January 2013 at 4:00 pm GMT online via a live webcast stream and will last approximately 90 minutes.

The live feed was at on 7th January at 4:00 pm GMT.

The launch is open to all, and we especially look forward to welcoming course participants.

The event will include a presentation of the MOOC themes, its pedagogical approach and modes of participation, and a brief overview of the weekly activities. This will be followed by an open discussion.  The event will be recorded and available afterwards for replay during week 1 of the course.

In addition, some of the project partners are holding face-to-face events where those who attend will watch the launch event together: 

  • at The Open University
  • at Institute of Education at the University of London
  • at University of Greenwich

For details regarding these local face-to-face events, contact These events are optional and space limited. 


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