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Presence in virtual worlds as a springboard for learning

Identity and Social Presence in 3-D Teaching

Cloudscape created by:

Sharon Collingwood
10 January 2013


This, I believe, is the space we're supposed to create for group collaboration. It's an open space, so anyone can contribute. I think you can create your own cloud in here and add it to the cloudscape.

People I think will be participating:

Sharon Collingwood (SL: Ellie Brewster)
I've been teaching in Second Life for five years. I'm also interested in Cloud Party.

Bronwyn  Hegarty

Cathy Anderson

Linda Shelton

Paul Rudman

Peter Miller will drop by from time to time; his project is related, but more involved.
(Peter uses Kitely, which is much like Open Sim)

Will Pollard and Daniel Livingston have related interests.


What practical applications can be used to increase the sense of social presence in a 3-D classroom?

What are the best practices for integrating students into a very unfamiliar digital space?

How can the understanding of a communal virtual space be built incrementally?


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