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OTC Sales Force Effectiveness Project

To produce a training curriculum for the first line sales managers of a Pharmaceutical company in China to manage OTC sales team

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Alice (Xin) Huang
11 January 2013

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I have created this cloudscape  - OTC Sales Force Effectiveness Project - now I'm advised to create 'an overview cloud in that cloudscape, which presents the team members, the core motivations for the project, the context in which it is situated, and the challenge within that context it aims to address.'

With the ever increasing pressure to ensure maximum return on investment, sales force effectiveness(SFE) is becoming a high priority area in the global pharmaceutical industry. How to improve the effectiveness is now a dual responsibility between sales force management team and sales training team. Training sales representatives alone is not going to work, the learning has to extend to outside training room and involve first line sales managers to carry on after-training coaching to make sure transfer of learning happens.

China, a thickly populated large country, to cover most OTC pharma channel, including retail stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, neighborhood convenient stores will require a  large size of the OTC sales force and widely dispersed throughout the country. It can be extremely costly and difficult to bring sales team together in one place for training. Also due to the nature of the sales work, sale Rep would need training and support  that areaccessible whenever  they need it. This will  also contribute to thesales force stability. Therefore, the first line sales manager is becoming a pivotal role in terms of training their own team and providing ongoing support. 

A blended training approach that will incorporate training outcome  with business performance, will merge learning process into everyday sales activities so that learning will happen naturally any time, any where.

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