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Alex Furr - Learning Journal

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Alex Furr
11 January 2013


I'm Alex and I've been involved in eLearning as a developer and technologist since 2000. I've been a flash developer, freelance consultant, blackboard and moodle support officer and learning technologist.

I still use the term eLearning (rather than TEL) as the majority of people understand what that is, wheras I have to spend 2 minutes explaining TEL.

I'm opinionated (but do not tweet) and do not tolerate poor interface design or bad instructions.

So far my experience on this MOOC has been mixed. In brief:

- I still don't fully understand what a 'cloud' or 'cloudscape is'.
- So many new windows popping up, so far the experience feels a little disjointed
- I am already annoyed at the adverts that popup with certain keywords. WTF?
- I'm frustrated at the lack of feedback when you login incorrectly. I got told my username didn't exist, when it clearly did.
- I'm already a day behind (eeek) but intend to catchup on the weekend.

I'm still optimistic that I'll get a lot out of this experience though.

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