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English language enhancement for academic purposes

12 January 2013 - 16 March 2013

Enhancing English: blended learning for BA engineering students in the Middle East

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Marie Arndt
12 January 2013

Development of learning design to support engineering students, for example in a Middle East context. Students in the Middle East are more and more required to conduct their university studies through the medium of English. Due to often a poor basis of English from school, when students reach university their English proficiency is often found wanting; this is particularly evident for students of disciplines like engineering.

Students of engineering at a college in Oman is one example. They need to extend their subject specific vocabulary, to be able to digest material relating to their subject. Students also need to improve theor academic wiritng skills, to be able to produce required written work, for example reports.

Student groups are large, so a strictly F2F approach to enhance these skills would not be feasable, a blended learning would be preferred, as resources are not limitless. Internet accessibility is unreliable and there is limited access to computer lab space. Mobile phones with internet access among the students is common. How can we create a learning design that will assist effectively the English language needs of students in a particluar discipline like engineering, within the outlined context?  Join Marie and Mark in the discussion!   

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