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The success oldsMOOC team

Cloudscape created by:

Fawei Geng
15 January 2013

This is a team area to explore and discuss:

* Successful stories of how teachers use learning technologies

* How to create an environment and a community to make the success happen   

This is just a start.  Your comments and contributions are very welcome  as they can help the ideas grow and develop.

Projects joined so far:

* Penny's dream: Accessible learning materials:

* Pauline Porcaro: Assisting teaching staff through PD to adopt a flipped classroom approach in new learning spaces -

* Mitja Podreka: Moodle Staff Training/Support -

* Tony Gleeson OLD MOOC collaboration project -

* Fawei's project: support staff in using learning technologies by peer support and collaborative learning -

your project can be added here

Key topics:

* User-centred, peer support and collaborative learning

* Simple, easy and inspiring 

* Motivation and enjoyment

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