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A collaborative 'gamified simulation' environment

a framework and guidelines to help tutors develop educational simulations in WordPress

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Oli Haslam
16 January 2013

New members are welcome to join this project. Leave a comment if you are interested.


The project is to create a fairly simple way for tutors to create authentic simulations that enable and encourage, even demand, collaboration between learners in order to complete the simulation successfully. The simulations should be able to run in real-time if desired, or over a set time of choosing (e.g. hours, days, weeks).

It should include an element of ‘gamification’ to motivate learner engagement, to have a potential means of assessment, to introduce competition and urgency (where appropriate) and to reproduce real-life situations as closely as possible.

We'd like to create (in the next few weeks):

  • An online environment (Wordpress Multisite plus a selection of plugins) in which lecturers can self-author (real-time or otherwise) simulations for learners.
  • Some plans, guidance and ideas for educators on how to configure and extend Wordpress Multisite themselves to create authentic simulations for learners.
  • At least one small but working simulation.
  • Some ideas and scenarios for potential simulations that other educators could create.
  • A model (a learning design) that others could copy and adapt.

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