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OLDS-MOOC Week 7: Evaluate

21 February 2013 - 27 February 2013

This week concentrates on the evaluation of learning designs and how to plan and carry them out.

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Anna Page
12 February 2013

Welcome to Week 7 led by Professor Thomas Reeves from the University of Georgia, US and Dr. Yishay Mor from The Open University, UK. 

Evaluation of learning designs is critically important. Around the world, each month sees the introduction of numerous commercially produced or locally developed learning designs, OERs, and other learning events promoted as engaging, effective, and efficient. Yet systematic evaluation of these is often lacking and evidence for their efficacy is weak. To conduct a useful evaluation of learning designs requires a "triangulation" approach whereby multiple strategies and tools are applied. This week is specifically designed to establish evaluation as a key strategy throughout the learning design process.  Our specific focus will be on "formative evaluation" for the purpose of improving a learning design as it is being developed.

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Other Cloudscapes for Week 7:

Evaluation Experiences
Evaluation Targets
Evaluation Plans
Evaluation Results

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