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Activity: Documenting your learning design

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Yishay Mor
27 February 2013

This is an optional activity in week 8 of the olds mooc. This activity is designed by Shirley Agostinho, Sue Bennett, and Lori Lockyer.  In it you will explore a way of documenting a learning design from your practice.

Step 1: Read this paper that gives an overview of the structure and rationale of the format we use for documenting learning designs: 

Agostinho, S. (2011). The use of a visual learning design representation to support the design process of teaching in higher education. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology,27(6), 961-978.

Step 2: Sign up for access to the LDTool at the University of Wollongong

Step 3: Browse some of the learning designs held in the collection

Step 4: Have a go at adding your own design to the collection – one you may have designed or taught recently.

Step 5: Reflect on the experience by writing a summary of what you did and how you found the University of Wollongong tool by adding a cloud to this cloudscape - you could also share a link to your own design, or an interesting one that you found while browsing.

Step 6: review and comment on some of the other clouds in this cloudscape.

The team would also very much appreciate feedback on the survey at:

If you are interested in reading more about work related to the concepts and use of this learning design approach see:

Agostinho, S., Bennett, S., Lockyer, L., Kosta, L., Jones, J., & Harper, B. (2009). An examination of learning design descriptions in an existing learning design repository. In Same places, different spaces. Proceedings ascilite Auckland 2009.

Bennett, S., Agostinho, S., Lockyer, L., Kosta, L., Jones, J., Koper, R., & Harper, B. (2007). Learning Designs: Bridging the gap between theory and practice. In Roger Atkinson, Clare McBeath, Alan Soong Swee Kit and Chris Cheers (Eds.) ICT: Providing choices for learners and learning: Proceedings of the 24th annual conference of the Australasian Society for Computers in Learning in Tertiary Education. (pp. 51-60). Singapore: Nanyang Technological University.


 Thank you for participating in this activity.

Creative Commons Licence This work by  Shirley Agostinho, Sue Bennett, and Lori Lockyer and the The Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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