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Developing as a Researcher - the next steps - March 2013

19 March 2013 - 20 March 2013
The Open University, Milton Keynes

The Open University's annual conference for postgraduate research students 2013

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1 March 2013

Every year, the Research School makes a concerted effort to bring first year students from across faculties together, to provide a platform where students can reflect on progress, learn about the requirements of the probationary review and explore the margins of developing as a researcher. Throughout the conference we encourage you to engage with colleagues and peers from across the university to develop a broader understanding of the OU research environment. This will later be indispensible in terms of extending your network of contacts, communicating effectively with specialist and non-specialist audiences and recognising opportunities for career development.

Developing as a Researcher - the next steps conference is designed as a platform to bring together sessions addressing situations we know all students face during the pre-probationary period. This means that, regardless of which academic discipline you are coming from, you will be able to personalise the advice and suggestions offered according to your own needs. Over the years, students attending the annualconference have provided valuable input which has helped us design these sessions in the best possible way. The benefits that you can get from this session, therefore, depend on your participation and how you choose to engage with the research community.

 Below is a short brief of what you can look forward to at this year’s ‘Developing as a Researcher – the next steps’ conference:

 What you should expect:

 -          To learn about good academic practice that will increase your productivity

-          To learn about effective student-supervisor interactions

-          To compare/share your concerns and aspirations with a network of peers, and engage with the OU’s rich Research community through interaction with staff members and second and third year students volunteering for the peer-led sessions

-          To identify areas where your previously acquired skills could benefit your PhD experience, such as effective communication by networking across disciplines.

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