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My Design Narrative

Reflection on Learning Design

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Jane Nkosi
4 March 2013

My Design Narrative (Jane Nkosi)


Where are you coming from? What is the context in which you are working and participating in OLDS MOOC?

I am a lecturer in the University of Swaziland. I have some background in instructional design and have coordinated some Computer Assisted Language Learning programmes in my department. This activity encouraged me to find better ways of engaging learners hence my participation in MOOC.


What did you hope to achieve? What were your goals in joining OLDS MOOC?

The main objective for joining MOOC was for me to enhance my knowledge skills and to gain exposure to various tools, especially web2.0 tools in order to improve lesson delivery. Indeed this has proven to be the case; the MOOC has not only exposed me to a wide variety of tools but has helped me learn from the expertise of the other participants.


What did you do? What were the main events, interactions, practices and activities in which you participated? What were the obstacles - and how did you tackle them?

I found that the programme was much more than what I had anticipated. There was so much to learn through the activities. I had wanted to do all the activities but because of time and sometimes poor connectivity I could not. None the less, I was able to get the feel of what learning design is all about.


What were the outcomes of your participation? Did you meet your goals? What went well, what didn't? What unexpected outcomes did you notice?

I began my journey on MOOC by trying out all the suggested tools and found that some were not as flexible for the design I had in mind. The visual representation of designs made the greatest impact on me as it brought to life things I may otherwise have overlooked. Of the suggested tools, I found the CAMOS tool to be more cost effective and friendlier to use.


What did you learn? What advice could you give others?

This has been a fruitful experience for me. I was able to participate in various forums such as Clowdworks and Google+. Using different forums helped me to see how students could engage in learning using different approaches. Most importantly, I gained understanding Open Educational Resources and how to share with a wider community.

If I were to advise others, I would say Know what you want and stay focused.

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