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OLDS MOOC Week 9: showcase

5 March 2013 - 16 March 2013

Image by Frans de Wit

Cloudscape created by:

Yishay Mor
5 March 2013

This cloudscape is an activity of OLDS MOOC Week 9.

Every day, from Thursday to Monday, we will present and discuss the work of one or two participants, or teams, as reflected in their design narrative*, learning journal or portfolio. We will list the chosen works here a day in advance.

Each showcased work will be available as a cloud in this cloudscape, and we will conduct the discussion asynchronously throughout the day. We advise you to plan for 30-60 minutes a day for this activity, but of course you can also participate in a shorter or longer timeframe - depending on your constraints and interests.
The showpieces for each day will be listed in the table below in advance:

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