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Week 9 my reflections of the mooc

My thoughts about the MOOC

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Jane Nkosi
13 March 2013

This entry is about my reflection of they journey I took on the MOOC. When I joine the MOOC  I wanted to enhance my design skills and knowledge so that I could improve mye teaching. Another objective was to gain exposure to web2.0 tools that would make it easy for my students to engage effectively with learning materials and interact with each other.

I must say that the journey was quite interesting and challenging. I was able to achieve these goals mainly because the MOOC approach is learning by doing. This propelled me to try various learning platforms and to engage in peer tutoring through the discussion forums. It was not all that easy; sometimes I lost contact with the study group but contiued to pursue my dream.

When I came to the course, I had not heard of learning design. In the start I kept asking myself how this was differente from Instructional design. I can say therefore that I have learnt a lot from this course. Weeks 3 to 7 were the most significant to me. We learnt about  represantion of designs , sharing pedagogical patterns and building on the work of others. Using prototypes build on the idea of clarifying to myseld how learners would "experience' the design I had in midn. Week 6 and 7 sealed the idea of not re-inventing the wheel and using different strategies to evaluate the designs.

All in all the experience of MOOC was wonderful. The facilitors were superb.

Jane Nkosi


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