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SNaP!ing PBL: design narratives and patterns of problem / project based learning

16 September 2013
Paphos, Cyprus

A workshop at EC TEL 2013

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Yishay Mor
14 May 2013

Problem and project based learning approaches are gaining attention across the European learning landscape, reflecting the trend towards learner-centred and active learning approaches. Within a TEL research context this includes a focus on how we can support and extend problem- and project based learning approaches through the use of technology. While problem- and project based learning are well-known concepts, it is clear from practice that the labels cover more varied interpretations and orchestrations of learning activities. The aim of this workshop, which follows a methodology called SNaP! - Scenario, Narratives and Patterns (Mor, 2013; Mor, Warburton, and Winters, 2012), is to identify reusable models of pedagogical practice for problem-and project based technology enhanced learning that can help practitioners, researchers and developers in designing learning strategies for various adoptions of problem- and project based learning. Participants will share accounts of their experiences prior to the workshop formulated as design narratives, and will collaboratively extract design patterns from these.

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