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'Learn About' Fair 2014

26 February 2014
Jennie Lee Building, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

For information about the 2014 Fair see below this information about this year's upcoming Fair:

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Learn About Fair 2015

23 April 2015, 12 – 3pm, Jennie Lee Building

Learn About Fair 2015 website 

Twitter: #Learnaboutfair2015  



'Learn about, connect and collaborate' at the 2014 fair

About the fair

The ‘Learn About’ fair is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge of the featured topics both for your work and professional development.  The fair focusses on educational technologies used for learning and teaching.  Topics are chosen to interest a wide variety of OU staff including Associate Lecturers. 

It is an ideal event for networking with colleagues and discovering new ways to use technology in education for the production and presentation of modules and inspiring new research projects. 

The 2014 fair was held on Wednesday 26th February from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm in the Jennie Lee Building at Walton Hall with presentations also available live online. 

The ‘Learn About’ Fair Twitter hashtag is #learnaboutatOU

For a map of the fair layout see

We are seeking your feedback after the fair - if you attended the fair face-to-face or watched the presentations online please complete the online feedback form by 20th March 2014.  Stall holders and presenters are invited to complete the stallholder and presenter feedback form.


There were a series of face-to-face presentations in Jennie Lee Building Meeting room 1 which were webcast online via stadium to enable participation for those who could not attend the fair in person.  Questions and answers were welcome.  Remote participants were able to ask questions via email to a dedicated mailbox.  The link to the replay of the broadcast is

If you watched the presentations online please let us know about your experience of the fair via the online feedback form.

The list of presentations:

  • 12:00 noon - Stagegate (Learning Design/Vantage) - Rebecca Galley
  • 12:30 pm - New Models of Assessment - Freda Wolfenden
  • 1:00 pm - OUDigital Archive - Ruth Cammies, Richard Nurse
  • 1:30 pm - OpenStudio - Derek Jones (replacing MyOU)

We haven't been notified of any Regions and Nations who are booking a room to watch the broadcast together.


There will be 21 stalls In the Jennie Lee Building Atrium, Ambient technology lab and the Creative Suite (3 ground floor locations) consisting of a team of stallholders (other members of staff) with their displays to explain various topics.  You can view the displays and ask about the topics to find out how the tools and methods can be successfully applied to learning and teaching.  It is very informal and you are encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussions (and may win a prize in the competition - see below).

The stalls for 2014 are:

Theme 1

Theme 2

  • Assessment
  • Collaborative learning
  • iCMAs
  • OpenStudio

Theme 3

Theme 4

  • Data for design and retention
  • Learning analytics
  • OU Analyse (student retention)

Theme 5

  • Stagegate (Learning Design/Vantage)
  • Streamlined module design

Theme 6

  • OULive
  • Discussion Forums
  • Mobile Learning (OU Anywhere app)

Theme 7

Theme 8


  • Eye tracking

Competition trail

If you visit several stalls, ask questions about each topic and get your competition trail card stamped, you will have a chance to win a Kindle Fire HD (7", 8GB).

Information for regions/nations wishing to participate in the fair

Please let us know if you are planning to book a room in your regional/national office to enable your colleagues to watch the presentations together.  The event will be live streamed via the JLB stadium (it is not video conferencing) and can be displayed on a big screen in the room booked.  We are planning to run a test streaming session before the event to ensure that there are no connection errors (which some regions/nations experienced in 2013 due to a faulty IT upgrade).

Information for stallholders

Once the planning team has decided on the main themes and topics for the fair we invite people who can present the topics to be stallholders.  The fair is topic lead rather than a department or project showcase.  In other words if your learning & teaching or research project illustrates a topic or concept well then it is useful to refer to it but stalls are generally not meant to focus on one project only.  The idea is to explain the topic or concept to those attending the fair and provide them with knowledge of where they can find further information.  We invite several people to run a stall together so that there is always someone on hand to explain the topic and allow stallholders to have a break.

Every stall is provided with a double display board, a tall poseur table, tall chair and power supply as standard.  We don’t encourage the use of 6 ft long tables as these usually block the view of the display board and cause congestion.  Instead leaflets can be displayed on leaflet racks, the tall tables or in some instances on small, round coffee tables.  Laptops go on the tall tables at standing conversation height. 

Background information

The ‘Learn About’ Fair was originally launched as a showcase for the ’Learn About’ Guides.  The event helps OU staff including Associate Lecturers keep abreast of new tools and methods of teaching and learning.  The event is jointly organised by IET, Library Services and LTS.  It is held over an extended lunch period (3 hours) once a year on a Wednesday.  A light lunch is provided to enable people to spend longer at the fair.

Information about the previous fairs can be found via the following links:


  1. Do I need to register to attend the fair?
    We don’t have any pre-registration for this event.  We invite all people who arrive to sign in so that we can request feedback later and report more accurately on attendance.
  2. Where is the fair held in the Jennie Lee Building?
    All the stalls are in the main atrium or in the Ambient Technology Lab, both of which are on the ground floor of the Jennie Lee Building.  Both areas are wheelchair accessible.
  3. Where are the presentations held at the fair?
    The presentations will be in Jennie Lee building meeting room 1 which is on the ground floor.  The room can be reached from the main atrium area via a short corridor and the balcony overlooking the pond.  It is wheelchair accessible though is some distance from the main entrance of the building.
  4. I am not based at or near Walton Hall campus, which parts of the fair can I attend without coming to Milton Keynes?
    You can view the presentations online via your computer (they will be live streamed via the stadium and after the event will be made available online as podcasts – see the presentations for the 2013 fair at  You can ask the presenter questions via email on the day and the person monitoring the mailbox at the presentations will do their best to read your question out during the session for a live response (depending on time available, not every question may be read out).
  5. I am an Associate Lecturer and would like to attend the face-to-face fair.  How can this be funded? 
    OU Associate Lecturers who attend the fair are asked to check the procedures for claiming travel to Walton Hall which are explained at  The ‘Learn About’ fair budget does not extend to funding time or travel for you to attend the fair.
  6. I have a faculty board meeting to attend on the day of the fair.  How can I attend the fair?
    The fair is open from 11:30 am – 2:30 pm (3 hours).  If your faculty board lunch period allows, please drop in to the fair for a while between board meeting sessions. 
  7. Where can I sign up my research project or department for a stall at the fair?
    The ‘Learn About’ Fair planning team decide on themes/topics and invite stallholders to present topics.  If your project illustrates a topic we have selected we will probably get in touch with you as we keep an eye out for interesting and useful activities across the university which might be relevant for the fair.  The event is not a department showcase, however depending on the nature of your department’s work, some of your staff members may be invited to help present a topic at the fair.

If you have any other questions about the fair which are not answered on this website, please email