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Changing the Learning Landscape project: Student participation in the Virtual Graduate School

Image by The Higher Education Academy

Cloudscape created by:

Ester Ehiyazaryan
9 October 2013

This is a support cloudscape for the students participating in the Changing the Learning Landscape HEA funded project on Student participation in the Virtual Graduate School


University Centre Doncaster (UCD) is the higher education provider of Doncaster College. We currently have 965 undergraduate learners and 255 postgraduate students. Postgraduate provision is currently growing with courses in the areas of Business and Management, Counselling, Education and Human Resource Management ( It is the aim of UCD to develop postgraduate provision, linking this closely to the professional development needs of our graduates and their employability.

The Virtual Graduate School (VGS) emerged as a response to the aim of supporting continuing professional development for postgraduate learners. The focus of the VGS is to provide both access to resources as well as a social learning space for postgraduate learners, focused on developing research skills and practice. This includes areas such as research methodology, advanced literature searching, writing for publication, disseminating research findings, reflective practice in research and research ethics (

The content of the VGS is largely sourced through repurposing or reusing OER and will remain openly accessible online. The intention is to utilise the VGS as a platform for further engaging postgraduate students at University Centre Doncaster in developing digital scholarship.

As part of the project students will create open educational resources based on their independent research project work.  The case studies will be published on the VGS website as well as in OER repositories as creative commons licensed units of study (such OER repositories could be JORUM or the UCD validating partner institution’s repository – Hydra, at the University of Hull).

The project specifically aims to enhance the participants' knowledge and understanding of authoring open content.

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