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Using Mobile Technology and Social Media to Enhance Educational Experience

17 February 2014
Place de Fontenoy, Paris

A workshop at the UNESCO Mobile Learning Week

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Yishay Mor
30 January 2014

This workshop, organised by the SoMoLearn initiative, will empower teachers to employ mobile technologies and social media in their work with students. Based on a Learning Design Studio model, it ensures that participants will go home at the end of the day with concrete practical outcomes: resources and activity plans that can be put to work in educational contexts. The Learning Design Studio follows a “Design Inquiry of Learning” cycle with teams of 4-6 participants working on a learning design project of their definition. They will investigate the educational context, identify an educational challenge within it, ideate and conceptualise a solution for this challenge, consider existing solutions to similar problems, prototype their solution and evaluate it. At each phase, they will share their work with other teams for feedback and cross-fertilisation. To support their work, participants will use the Integrated Learning Design Environment, developed by the Metis project.


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