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Peer assessment

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Rob Parsons
5 December 2014

Along with Wendy Maples, I conducted some research into peer assessment on e-LATE(D), a module about online teaching and learning for academic staff in the OU's social science faculty. A  presentation about our work is available in the "Seminar 5 - Assessment" cloud. This cloudscape collects other work available on Cloudworks together.

Peer assessment means students evaluating each other's work as part of their own assessment process. There are two basic kinds. One is commenting on other students' work and closely associated with formative assessment, which we call “peer review”. The other is providing a mark for other students' work and often associated with summative assessment, which we call “peer grading”.

A note about terminology from our literature review: "The language used about assessment in general and peer assessment in particular has changed and is still contested. In the OU assessment is discussed in terms of whether it is formative (using assessment to enable students to learn more) and/or summative (measuring what has been learned and contributing directly to a cumulative and/or final grade). Some use similar vocabulary: others use “assessment of learning” for summative and “assessment for learning” for formative. We have not discerned a pattern in who uses what. There is also a difference of opinion as to the relation between the two. Some see them as two separate activities. Others take the view that some assessment can be both. We tend to the view that summative assessment ought to be formative, though it is sometimes not."

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