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Designing the Participatory Smart City - Fred Garnett

18 December 2016
Centre for Moving Images office (Room 3AF011) Arnolfini, Bristol BS1 4QD

CMIR Public Talk by Fred Garnett will look at some ways of framing a Smart City Development:

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John Cook
7 November 2015


A presentation around the opportunities for building citizen led participatory cities based on Fred Garnett's extensive work in this area over last 20 years.

  • Date/Time: Friday 18th Dec,
    • arr. 5pm,
    • talk 5.30pm-6.30pm,
    • followed by refreshments (beer, wine, soft drinks)
  • Venue: Centre for Moving Images office, Arnolfini (Room 3AF011)
    72 Prince St, Bristol, BS1 4QD,  (access is around back of main Arnolfini entrance on Prince St under sign "Bush house")
  • Book a place: Eventbrite
  • Fred will blog around the themes he will be talking to before the event; citizen-action, new metaphors, using context for design & some others smile emoticon:
  • Link to Slides:
  • Overview of talk

    1. Some History From Alleys to Squares to Anarchists

    2.. Web 2.0 From Access to Content to Context

    3… Context From Representative to Open to Participatory

    4…. Ambient Learning City (Manchester) From Ambient to Smart to Social

    5…..  FuturesFrom Subjects to Citizens to CityZens

  • About Fred Garnett – Visiting Research Associate London Knowledge Lab

    Fred, as Head of Community Projects, was part of Lewisham’s Citzens Connect team examining how new technology could help create active citizens, after which he helped found both the TaLENT Community Grid for Learning and the Creekside Environmental Education Centre. As Head of Community Programmes at Becta he advised various government departments on e-learning and e-government (DfES, DCLG, Home Office, NOF). For DCMS he was also a Culture Online Visioneer and co-chair of the Participatory Media Literacy Working Group at OFCOM and was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for “creative & innovative work in community learning” in 2004.  As part of the Learner-Generated Contexts group he worked on the Open Context Model of Learning and applied it to the Ambient Learning City project (MOSI-ALONG) looking at what issues needed to be overcome to make Manchester an interactive learning city.

    He is working on a “development framework” for the participatory Smart City (forthcoming book chapter on CityZens) building on work done on the EU Origin of Spaces project with Bordeaux, Lisbon, Bilbao, Pula and London. He helped set up Transition Town Stoke Newington where his PeerPayMe P2P digital green banking project was selected as most popular project.

    He is currently part of the Cybersalon Digital Think Tank, is an approved consultant for JISC and NIACE, and has recently worked for the British Council, on Vocational e-learning, and the BBC, on open learning. He is also a learning advisor to CROS, the Universitatea Alternativă in Bucharest.


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