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OU H818 'The Networked Practitioner' Online Conference 2018

15 February 2018 - 19 February 2018
Online Rooms, Open University

'The Networked Practitioner' is module H818 of the OU Masters in Online and Distance Education (MA ODE)

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28 November 2017

The H818 'The Networked Practitioner' online module is part of the MA Online and Distance Education programme run by the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University UK. This online conference is presented using the Open University's Online Rooms, powered by Adobe Connect.

Each H818 student will contribute a short presentation to the conference and there will also be keynote presentations from:

  • Professor Martin Weller, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University UK.
  • Sue Beckingham, Principal Lecturer in Business Information Systems and Technology at Sheffield Hallam University and a National Teaching Fellow.
  • Prof Jane Seale, Professor in Education, Faculty of Wellbeing, Education and Language Studies, The Open University UK. 

The conference sessions will be held in the Open University's Online Rooms in February 2018 (times given are UK time i.e. GMT):

  • Thu 15th Feb 09:30 - 12:15 (Keynote: Martin Weller)
  • Sat 17th Feb 13:00 - 14:45 (Keynote: Sue Beckingham)
  • Mon 19th Feb 19:00 - 22:00 (Keynote: Jane Seale)

The programme is building below as students create their individual pages, including links to the abstract pages of the students' presentation, upon which you are invited to ask questions or make comments - these may be answered by the student on their page directly, or may be answered during their presentation itself.


Access to the conference sessions is limited to H818 participants, MA ODE students, alumni and staff, and IET, WELS and LTI staff. If you fall into one of these categories and would like to register for the conference, please complete the form here: You may of course join us for a full session (or more) or just dip in to see the presentations that catch your eye - it is entirely up to you. (NB Current H818 students do not need to register).



Conference Programme

 Session 1: Thursday 15th February

 Start TimeEnd TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
 09:30  10:00  Martin Weller  Keynote: The Digital Scholar Revisited
 10:00  10:15  Jonathan Brown  Tomorrow's Digital Scholar: Using Google Docs To Promote Collaboration In Secondary School English
 10:15  10:30  Claire Richardson  Introduction to a new open resource to help teachers support learners with anxiety in online environments
 10:30  10:45  Payungsak Kaenchan  Integrating Augmented Reality In Learning Thai Vocabulary For Adult Learners In The US Higher Education
 10:45  11:00  Gill Marshall  Presentation cancelled: Listening To Students With ASD In Higher Education
 11:00  11:30  BREAK  
 11:30  11:45  Anita Pilgrim  Learning and Teaching on Asynchronous Forums - Sharing Good Practice
 11:45  12:00  Masaru Nagatsuka  Online Tool can Help Minor Sports Grow; Ultimate Frisbee?
 12:00  12:15  Stephen Gardiner  Dyslexia: Supporting Students In A Clinical Healthcare Setting


 Session 2: Saturday 17th February

 Start TimeEnd TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
 13:00  13:30  Sue Beckingham  Keynote: A reflection on learning gains through the engagement with informal learning opportunities in social media spaces
 13:30  13:45  Katherine Hinchey  Break Out of the Box! How you can use xAPI to free in-house staff development
 13:45  14:00  Steven Durant-Burgin  How VLE's & Hygiene Factors via Blended Learning can aid long-term unemployed into work
 14:00  14:15  Mike Lyons  You can run a SOLE session over Skype... or can you?
 14:15  14:30  Denise McDonough  Study App Toolkit For Mobile or Tablets
 14:30  14:45  Steve Penney  Talking to boys about school


 Session 3: Monday 19th February

 Start TimeEnd TimeSpeakerPresentation Title
 19:00  19:45  Jane Seale  Keynote: Expanding our understanding of openness in the context of disabled students in higher education
 19:45  20:00  Helen Dixon  Making the Transition to E-portfolios
 20:00  20:15  Richard Sharp  Compulsory Or Graded Peer Forum Activity As A Factor Affecting Inclusion And Ownership Of Learning In Higher Education Distance Learning
 20:15  20:30  Anne Bjelke  Differentiation And Inclusion
 20:30  21:00  BREAK  
 21:00  21:15  Amy Marshall  Using Open Access Maths Learning To Innovate The UK Primary Curriculum
 21:15  21:30    Student has withdrawn from module.
 21:30  21:45  Holger Goertz  Old School meets Web 2.0: Mixing established teaching methodology with innovative learning tools.
 21:45  22:00  Bernie Asher  'Daring To Be Free'. Free Senior High School (SHS) Education In Ghana- An Exercise In Inclusive Education Or Political Gimmick?

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