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FELS foundation degrees workshop

Open University workshop, 15th January 2009

Cloudscape created by:

Gráinne Conole
12 January 2009

Foundation degrees workshop 15th January 2009


This cloudscape has been set up to facilitate discussions during the workshop and to enable participants to share relevant ideas and resources.


  1. To arrive at guiding principles for new foundation degrees (FDs) and to steer changes for existing foundation degrees.
  2. To agree on common approaches across all FELS FDs as appropriate. 


The workshop is divided into 4 parts:


  1. Where we are now (a critical reflection on the current status of foundation degrees, key trends and associated challenges)
  2. Challenges (what are the key challenges associated with developing foundation degrees?)
  3. Experiences (sharing of ideas and strategies for addressing the challenges)
  4. Next steps (action plans as a result of the workshop).


Some initial clouds for discussion have been included. Feel free to add additional clouds of other issues you are interested in or would like others in the workshop to discuss.  

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