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Researcher 2.0

Cloudscape to support discussion around the Researcher 2.0 workshop

Cloudscape created by:

Patrick McAndrew
8 February 2009

The world of research seems to be changing along with everything else! There are new tools for sharing, new communities to join, new ways to gather data.  How do we know which of these can help us do our work and which are distractions? Do we need to change how we carry out research to match the needs and opportunities of a world where people are interacting with more and more open systems? Or should our measures and methods remain the same to give stability and avoid change for changes sake?

We kicked off this theme with a meeting on February 10th to discuss what it means to be a researcher in this world. Planned themes include:

  • Digital scholarship
  • Open educational resources as a research challenge
  • Business models for the future
  • Technology for researchers
  • Connecting research issues

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