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week 01 Activities

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Just a quick note to remind you all, that we begin officially next Monday 10th Jan. But as you can see, George has kindly taken the baton and run with the discusssion, which is exaclty what we wanted.  I was aiming at an informal weeks worth of asychronous chat/threaded discussion covering the topic of --

"what makes a good CoP?", and indeed how do we then take forward those agreed points into this e-portfolio project, to ensure its longevity and continued active particiation?

So, I'd like you to peruse some of the indicative resources I've added to the top of this page, then to begin digesting the comments already proffered.  There are some very experienced e-portfolio people and e-learning types joining us online, so this whole project promises to be much *serious* fun. Don't be shy, join in the debate.

So,  the first week kicks off on January 10th, with 5 days of threaded discussion, then my week concludes on Jan 14th with a synchronous webinar from 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm.    The webinar will be a lively debate on our threaded discussions/outcomes and hopefully more about this JISC project and of course e-portoflios in general.  the URL for the Elluminate webinar will be posted out on Monday 10th Jan'.