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ALT-C 2009 Blog Posts 9 comments
F-ALT09 Blog Posts 0 comments
How to get students to find and read 94 articles before the next class 1 comment
The problem with modelling or modelling problems 0 comments
'Making it personal' elearning@greenwich conference 0 comments
3-D Immersive Environments for Teaching Science 0 comments
An intelligent, visual environment for learning with online images 0 comments
AQuRate 2 comments
ARGuing Project 5 comments
Ascilite conference 2008 General Discussion Area 8 comments
Assigning Wikipedia in a US History Survey 0 comments
Backchannels 24 comments
Blogging doctors 0 comments
Blood on the Stacks 0 comments
Branching out from OpenLearn: working with campus based institutions to provide new content 0 comments
CAA 2010 Call for Papers 0 comments
Cases studies of social software in education 0 comments
CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting Discussion Area 45 comments
Closer! podcasting pilot 0 comments
Cloudworks Issues and Suggestions 8 comments
Cloudworks Overview 4 comments
Codifying the DiAL-e Framework: Making Learning Designs accessible for reuse 2 comments
Composing your Learning Environment I 0 comments
Composing your Learning Environment II 2 comments
Computer Aided Assessment for engineering mathematics 1 comment
Debate on teaching courses for new lecturers 0 comments
Design for learning and the research/teaching nexus 2 comments
Design for Learning: making education sense in digital contexts 1 comment
Developing a Research Culture in the Undergraduate Curriculum 0 comments
E-learning Case Studies from the University of Bath 0 comments
E-portfolio Case Study 0 comments
Educational Technology Journals 7 comments
Enabling Greater Accessibility 0 comments
Encouraging active and critical reading by geography students: the use of reading journals 0 comments
Enquiring Minds 0 comments
Exploring the Use of a Generic E-portfolio/PDP Tool in a Basic Skills Module for Economics and Business Students 0 comments
Facebook community for chemistry course 0 comments
Find and Seek 0 comments
First Day Questions for the Learner-Centered Classroom 0 comments
Formative Assessment Widget 0 comments
From Multi-User Virtual Environment to 3D Virtual Learning Environment 0 comments
Gazing into the Future: Looking for Weak Signals with iCOPER 0 comments
Geothentic 0 comments
Involving students in the international research community 0 comments
iPass online tutoring system 0 comments
Keynote by Chris Cobb 5 comments
Keynote by Bill Thompson 0 comments
Keynote by Oleg Liber 0 comments
Learning Styles 6 comments
Lessons from peerScholar: An Approach to Teaching Code Review 0 comments
Lingt 0 comments
MathsTEAM 0 comments
Mathtutor 0 comments
Metric 0 comments
Michael Wesch Keynote 4 comments
Monterey 2009 Cloudworks Survey 2 comments
My favourite liar 0 comments
Mythologies of Loss Unit of Learning 0 comments
Observations of expert communicators in immersive virtual worlds: implications for synchronous discussion 0 comments
Open Educational Resources Technical Roundtable 0 comments
Open-source textbooks 0 comments
Plenary, Presentations and Feedback 0 comments
Post-digital Event 0 comments
Problem with the Drupal learning curve 0 comments
Problem-based learning spanning real and virtual words: a case study in Second Life 0 comments
Projectwork in computer science 0 comments
Reconstructing the Competence Maze 0 comments
Reflections on LAMS09 conference 0 comments
RezWorld 0 comments
Seeing how people really use online technology with the Tobii eye-tracker 0 comments
Sentiment-mining talk about the OU in social web spaces using a tool called Live Buzz 0 comments
simSchool 0 comments
Social bookmarking 0 comments
Sounds Good 1 comment
STACK 0 comments
SToMP assessment system 0 comments
Student Research Journal for Physics Undergraduates 0 comments
studentquest 0 comments
Taking undergraduate students from New Zealand to Africa - virtually 2 comments
Tangible benefits of e-learning case studies 0 comments
Tangibles, tabletops or mobiles: which is best for collaborative learning? 4 comments
Teaching software design using group projects 0 comments
TEAL- Technology Enabled Active Learning 0 comments
Tech Coffee Morning : Alternate Reality Games 0 comments
Technology change in education - involving Senior Management at last? 0 comments
Terry Anderson keynote 0 comments
Test 0 comments
The ARGOSI project 0 comments
The evolution of learning design: From pedagogic neturality to good teaching ideas 3 comments
The Great History Conundrum 0 comments
The OU Is Only Ten Feet Away 3 comments
Tool: A Learning Design Support Environment (LDSE) 0 comments
Training paramedics in second life 0 comments
Universities and Colleges in the Giant Global Graph 0 comments
University API 0 comments
University of Sheffield Case Studies 0 comments
Using a wiki to evaluate individual contribution to a collaborative learning project 0 comments
Using Problem Based Learning for Assessment in Large Classes: Triple-Jump 0 comments
Using Second Life to teach programming 0 comments
Using Twitter for learning and teaching 5 comments
Using video for student feedback 0 comments
Using video to show how to approach an exam question 0 comments
What educational research do you wish was better known? 4 comments
Widgets and IMS Learning Design 0 comments
Widgets in Practice 0 comments