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'Unfettered expression of thought?' Experiences of anonymous online role play 0 comments
‘Blog-it and they will come’: Challenges for engaging teachers and learners with wikis and blogs 0 comments
20+ ideas to inspire creativity 0 comments
7 things you should know about.. 2 comments
A Biographical Approach: Exploring students' experiences of e-learning 6 comments
A Case of High Engagement: Applying immersive online gaming to History research skills 11 comments
A case study of Second Life for collaborative learning 8 comments
A Case Study of the Effectiveness of the Electronic Survey as a Research Tool for Measuring Students’ Experience of e-Learning 7 comments
A database of primary source material 7 comments
A foreign language media archive 12 comments
A fusion of mobile technology and Second Life in a learning environment to support the transition from school to university 15 comments
A mathematical visualization toolkit 5 comments
A mock professional journal 5 comments
A multi-sensory non-threatening learning environment 4 comments
A new model for competence development - experiences from Umeå university, Sweden 0 comments
A practical guide to e-learning sustainability 2 comments
A project developing the use of mobile learning to deliver learning support to patients and informal carers in Suffolk 2 comments
A Research Agenda for Emerging Technologies in Education 2 comments
A roadmap for semantic technology adoption in UK higher education 0 comments
A Taxonomy of Podcasts and its Application to Higher Education 0 comments
A teachers guide to using web 2.0 at school 3 comments
AcademicTalk 1 comment
Active learning with Mobile and Web 2.0 technologies 0 comments
Activity Theory: what does it offer elearning research? 1 comment
All hands on deck: CREWED for technology-enabled learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: ‘Open the pod bay doors, please, Hal’: narratives of crisis in managing e-learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: "Before I begin, can I ask all students to switch their mobile devices ON?" 0 comments
ALTC 2010: "Copyright's not a problem. I deliberately chose an obscure journal to take it from..." 1 comment
ALTC 2010: #tagginganna: creating pedagogic models around searchable tags and reader-commentaries on e-Texts 0 comments
ALTC 2010: 3C: What's in IT for me? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A classification of Web 2.0 approaches: identifying the role of twitter and other technologies in Higher Education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A co-generative toolkit: e-enabling work-based learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A language usage-based service for providing formative feedback and learner positioning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A latent semantic analysis-based service for providing personalised formative feedback on conceptual development within PBL Groups 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A presentation, demonstration and discussion on the introduction of online advertising to selected University applications as a potential source of revenu 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A qualitative study of staff perceptions of Second Life as an effective environment for learning and teaching 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A rich and strange journey of involvement, influence and change in five HEIs 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A Second Life pilot in two online M-level programmes 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A strategy for supporting academic staff in the design, development and delivery of flexible CPD courses in Higher Education. 1 comment
ALTC 2010: A student perspective on the use of technology in 21st century higher education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A student’s experience of producing an effective online intervention with Articulate Presenter for a Master’s dissertation project 0 comments
ALTC 2010: A tempest in a teacup: increasing student participation by offering a special ‘blend’ 0 comments
ALTC 2010: ALT Annual General meeting and elections 0 comments
ALTC 2010: ALT Special Interest Groups: LERSIG and ViE SIG 0 comments
ALTC 2010: An analysis of first-year business students’ mobile phones and their use for learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Applying a development framework for digital literacies 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Approaches to history taking in medical education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Are you on-board with Open Educational Resources? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Audio feedback: designing feedback methods that are meaningful, manageable and media rich 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Back three spaces and roll again: using game-based approaches to assist with course design 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Barbara Wasson Keynote: Design and use of technology enhanced environments 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Becoming virtual: presence and embodiment as prerequisites to learning in virtual worlds 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Beyond training: staff development for lecture capture 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Blackboard mobile strategies 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Breaking barriers to effective online pedagogy 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Bridging the worlds of technology and education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Building an e-Book Access Bridge: an outline of a small scale project to provide generic guidance to the publishing industry on accessibility issues 0 comments
ALTC 2010: C-Link: a new tool to support students' information searches 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Can student use of Flip camcorders enhance learning with large cohorts? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Can the computerized peer-assessment of digital stories fully assess student subject knowledge? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Captain, navigator, surgeon and cook: balancing leadership and support in educational change management – a case study from legal education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Captivating staff development for your academics 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Capturing and sharing learning in practice: applying a successful dissemination model. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Capturing tutor expertise using video – the hands-on approach 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Celebrate CMALT's 5th Birthday 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Certified Members' Meeting 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Challenging exclusionary practices in digital inclusion projects: a call for redress and "passionate outrage" 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Changing our models of curriculum design: personalised curriculum creation through coaching 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Changing the way we see test-items in a computer-based environment: Screen design and question difficulty 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Charting the waters of technology supported work-based higher education: transforming a pilot development into a national programme 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Closing remarks and preview of ALT-C 2011 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Coaching as student support via illuminate 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Collaboration through Google Apps 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Collaborative style of learning: using Web 2.0 technology in the context of participant-based learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Contribute to the development of ALT's future strategy 0 comments
ALTC 2010: CORRE: A framework for transforming teaching materials into OERs 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Creating the right conditions for the use of mobile technology in learning: requirements for strategy and policies in post-compulsory education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Cultivating a digital habitat: developing the e-flective practitioner by creating a virtual collaborative learning environment 0 comments
ALTC 2010: DAT’s the way to do it? Medical students and Learning Technologists working together at Peninsula Medical School. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Deep Learning Design (DLD): addressing profound shifts in the learning-teaching landscape 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Design of a question design support tool 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Designing afresh for distance learning: a demonstration of a Masters degree programme innovatively repurposed for online delivery 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Developing and delivering internet based careers advice, information and guidance 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Digital responses: themes emerging from the setting of digital media-enhanced learning assignments 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Discovering and developing communities of e-learning practice 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Do tutors make good learning designers? Large-scale evaluation of e-learning resources produced by tutors. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Do you like books or do you like reading? 3 comments
ALTC 2010: Does an Automatic Test Harness (ATH) help learning? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Does the e-book reader make distance learners’ life easier? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Drawtivity – a web based e-learning authoring system designed to support Open Education Resource development 0 comments
ALTC 2010: E-cards from Plymouth: considering the practical and socio-cultural experience of international students 0 comments
ALTC 2010: e-Feedback and students’ changing needs and expectations 0 comments
ALTC 2010: e-Learning – the next wave 0 comments
ALTC 2010: E-learning standards for an M-learning world – informing the development of e-learning standards for the mobile web 0 comments
ALTC 2010: E-qualification certificate system for e-Portfolios 0 comments
ALTC 2010: eAssignment: an institutional submission and management system for assessment of open-ended assignments 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Educational and organisational benefits of the Cloud 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Effective application of quality assurance procedures for technology-enhanced learning: a toolkit for practitioners. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Efficiency with flexibility: connecting the VLE to the curriculum 0 comments
ALTC 2010: eFolio: a DIY ePortfolio (or 'making the most of what you've got') 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Electronic resource discovery systems: do they help or hinder in searching for academic material 0 comments
ALTC 2010: eLM – an eLearning mapping tool 0 comments
ALTC 2010: eLuctant students: identification and support 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Embedding innovative ways of working in learning and teaching: implications for staff and organisations 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Embedding learning design processes: responding to context 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Empirically based recommendations related to the use of Virtual Worlds in education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Employing personal learning spaces to facilitate APL processes: the TELSTAR project. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Engendering digital sharing cultures in higher education: a university wide approach 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Epigeum Video awards 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Evaluating student expectations online through SUE @ BU 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Exploring the potential of mobile devices to support e-portfolio development in work based learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Extending standards-based e-assessment tools to meet the needs of mathematics and science 0 comments
ALTC 2010: FE to HE transition: can online peer support aid and ease this phase? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Find out about CMALT 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Finding my way... 0 comments
ALTC 2010: First steps to second life: learning to simulate and simulating to learn 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Flip it, the use of Flip Video Cameras to support and enhance learning, teaching, and assessment 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Forging meaningful, equal partnerships in open educational resources between the UK and Africa 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Fresh, flashy and fun: the National Network for Interpreting online resources 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Friendfolios – harnessing social scaffolding for reflection 0 comments
ALTC 2010: From Shakespeare, to Hemmingway, to Beck, and beyond 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Full fathom five Zimbabwe’s e-Learning lies 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Fun with 'Faux-positories': easy educational resource sharing for non-technically-minded practitioner communities 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Get involved with ALT 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Getting switched ON! Open Nottingham, removing the barriers for re-use and sharing of OER 0 comments
ALTC 2010: GLO Maker 2 – a free, user-friendly authoring tool for creating rich, multimedia learning objects 0 comments
ALTC 2010: GLO Maker: a tool for easily authoring generative learning objects (GLOs) 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Great expectations: meeting the needs of learners, employers and institutions through more responsive curricula 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Guerilla narratives of personal media creation, public media sharing: a 21st century show and tell 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Harnessing a quickly shifting tide – a case study of supporting staff in pedagogical change through digital video 0 comments
ALTC 2010: HE practice and Web 2.0 – what’s stopping us? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: HERE'S WAVING AT YOU KID – a conversational framework for using Google Wave for peer-to-peer feedback and collaboration 0 comments
ALTC 2010: How national funding and policy supports learning and teaching in higher education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: How Talis Aspire enables a step change in resource list management 0 comments
ALTC 2010: How teachers use Blackboard: an institution-wide evaluation study on functionality types, user profiles, and the influence of attitude 0 comments
ALTC 2010: How the JISC Advance services can help you and your organisation 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Hybrid professional learning networks for knowledge workers: educational theory inspiring new practices 0 comments
ALTC 2010: ICT’s participatory potential in higher education collaborations: reality or just talk 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Immersed in the digital: networked creativity through mobile content production 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Infinite space: an innovative & collaborative e-learning approach to large cohort delivery 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Interactive learning with Tablet PCs: tips for teachers 0 comments
ALTC 2010: International benchmarking of practitioner ICT capability in Further Education – pilot study 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Introduction and conference open 0 comments
ALTC 2010: INVISQUE - INteractive VIsual Search and QUery Environment 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Is exposure to technology translating to better ICT skills in an academic environment? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Is OER a long-term goer? An investigation into the viability of sustainable OER networks 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Is the use of technology in HE more 'efficiently unsustainable'? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: JISC Flexible service delivery initiative 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Joining the dots: using technology to strengthen and connect teaching communities 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Jorum L&T competition presentations 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Justifying the cost of learning technology: a workshop to develop the business case for investment 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Knowing when to let go: a pedagogy for using online chat in teaching 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Leading e-Learning: achieving personal growth whilst overcoming self-doubt 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Learning activity, coordination and curriculum design: some insights from emerging disciplines 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Learning technology at Google 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Lecture capture: rich and strange, or a dark art? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Lifelong learning on the open wave: casting off from the institution 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Literacies, learning and people's lives: where practice and real life collide… 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Making a splash with technology enhanced learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Making the strategic learning environment a virtual reality: implementing a new approach to educational technology 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Maths Solutions – generating hand-written maths examples using a tablet PC and capture software 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Medical and healthcare scenarios in Second Life 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Meet ALT's members 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Meeting the expectations and needs of international learners bound for UK study through an open website of flexible learning resources 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Mobile engagement or miss-dial? A multi-institution survey interrogating student attitudes to mobile learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Mobile learning lessons from Africa, America and Europe - contrasting international case studies to highlight current trends 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Mobilising remote student engagement on field trips 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Modes of video production and delivery for learning and teaching 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Molenet3 at the Sheffield College – digging deeper, unearthing the network 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Navigating through the storm – using theory to plan mobile learning deployment 0 comments
ALTC 2010: New bottles, old wine? A debate on the ethics of educational interventions in popular digital technologies 0 comments
ALTC 2010: New structures and models: From TEL at the fringes to TEL at the core 0 comments
ALTC 2010: No problem: the case for supporting active learning through technology 0 comments
ALTC 2010: One college's journey – a view from the bridge 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Online teaching of ICT skills within subject content – resolving the tensions 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Only three things matter: engagement, engagement, engagement 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Open Educational Resources – a force for change 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Open Educational Resources (OERs) in HE – trends and scenarios 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Opening up the conversation: creating a OPEN-i, an online community of practice for the photojournalism industry 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Out of something rich and strange: the appearance and subsequent fate of issues and themes in the ALT-C Proceedings 2000-2009 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Out there and in here: design for blended scientific inquiry learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Pandemic planning: from paper to pixels 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Pearson learning platforms 0 comments
ALTC 2010: PebblePad enabled PDA use on placement pilot scheme (PUPPS) – a case study of biographical work based mobile learning. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Peer assessment in a Web 2.0 world: revisiting the ‘big ideas’ 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Personal inquiry in formal and informal settings: nQuire for scripting interactions 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Piloting the use of synchronous web conferencing for flexible curriculum delivery 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Placing the student at the heart of the process: using student lifecycle relationship management and service design techniques to enhance the student expe 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Plotting the sea-change: a longitudinal survey between 2001 and 2010 of technology-enhanced learning in UK higher education 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Preparing nurses for web-based learning: exploring the value of emotional support and blended learning on self-efficacy 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Providing feedback using audio: disseminating practice at Coventry from the Audio Supported Enhanced Learning (ASEL) project 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Provision of professional development: overview of empowerment and deficit models 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Pushing the boat out: using multiple hooks to improve student engagement 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Quantity and quality? Using site metrics to measure VLE adoption and inform planning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Reception for those (individual, organisation, sponsoring) who have become members in the last year 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Refreshing the classroom – using lecture capture to deliver a novel blended-learning strategy in the sciences 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Revolutions in Australian school infrastructure: are the people with us? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Riding the wave – keeping staff developers afloat in a sea of change (supporting staff development with the VLE) 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Sailing against the trade winds? How online distance learning could help maintain the character of higher education in stormy seas. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Scaleability and support: squaring the e-circle 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Seeding the cloud: using Cloudworks for resource management for the ELESIG community of practice 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Sharing experiences from the MEDEA awards 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Sharing to learn: using a Learning Repository (LR) to share and manage your VLE’s learning & teaching objects 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Shifting themes, shifting roles: the development of research blogs 0 comments
ALTC 2010: SimSafety: sailing in new waters 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Social learning platforms: what are they and why do you need one? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Software to support student team project working: evaluating a prototype 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Staff engagement with changing ways of working: a small-scale repository project 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Strategies for mlearning integration: evaluating a case study of staging and scaffolding mlearning integration across a three-year Bachelor’s degree 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Students’ perspectives on the sea-change: the experience of taught postgraduates 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Sugata Mitra Keynote: The hole in the wall: self organising systems in education 2 comments
ALTC 2010: Supporting innovative teaching with an intelligent collaborative design environment 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Supporting lifelong learning: enhancing the value of interactive 3D chemistry 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Supporting online communication – a series of e-learning resources to help students and tutors manage interpersonal skills in an online environment. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Supporting the transition from the physical to the virtual classroom 0 comments
ALTC 2010: SWIFTLY enhancing laboratory learning: genetics in the virtual world 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Taking ownership of e-learning: a transferable mentoring model. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The changing landscape of CPD for teachers 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The design and implementation of an e-portfolio based pedagogy to enable work-based learners 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The effect of textual, pictorial and textual-pictorial glosses on English vocabulary learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The future of knowledge acquisition 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The HELLO Project – using social networks to aid retention and progression 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The Magic Pens Project 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The programme-design sabbatical: an institutional strategy to mainstream technology-enhanced learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The provision of professional development in ICT: a New Zealand perspective 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The role of podcasting in effective curriculum renewal 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The tide is turning': approaches to learning environment evaluation 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The use of a Web 2.0 tripartite model of assessment feedback to support face-to-face tutoring 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The use of technology to address workforce development support issues 0 comments
ALTC 2010: The use of video-conferencing to deliver lectures and practical demonstrations to learners at remote educational sites 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Transactional learning at a distance: the ANU Legal Workshop Integrated Learning Environment project 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Transforming teaching and learning: changing the pedagogical approach to using educational programming languages 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Transitioning from traditional to online teaching: making sense of changes in learning environments 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Trialling e-readers as a green alternative to paper: changing behaviours and maintaining effectiveness 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Tutors' early experiences of an e-portfolio system and their perceptions of the benefits to learners 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Two language technology-based services for providing personalised formative feedback 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Up stream, down stream and out of stream: the institutional challenge of redesigning for quality blended learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Using a graphical user interface for generating reports from a complex curriculum knowledgebase 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Using Blogs in summative assessment: the mature students' experience 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Using real data in teaching to give social science students real skills for the workplace 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Using screen capture software in student feedback for technology-based assignments 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Using technology to meet the needs of struggling students studying anatomy and physiology 0 comments
ALTC 2010: UsPaCe: the use of Web 2.0 to enhance the support of Foundation Degree students undertaking work based learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Viewpoints: encouraging creativity and reflection in the curriculum 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Virtual fieldwork for sustainable enhanced student learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: VLab: virtual machines as learning objects for ICT teaching 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Voice over the internet: user perspectives on voice tools in language learning. 0 comments
ALTC 2010: We're all doomed. Donald Clark keynote discussion 1 comment
ALTC 2010: Web-based collaboration in Higher Education: small steps towards adoption 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Welcome to ALT 0 comments
ALTC 2010: What future for Open Educational Resources in UK Higher Education? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: What is there to talk about? An analysis of microblogging between peers and tutors within a postgraduate cohort 0 comments
ALTC 2010: What went wrong? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: What’s so special about Tablet PCs? 0 comments
ALTC 2010: When worlds collide – revisiting experiential learning 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Where angels fear to tread: online peer assessment in a large first year class 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Why waste a good crisis? Delivering an exclusively online international academic conference 3 comments
ALTC 2010: Wimba + Elluminate + Blackboard = Blackboard Collaborate (Q+A session) 0 comments
ALTC 2010: Your answer was not quite correct, try again': making online assessment and feedback work for learners 0 comments
An appreciative inquiry of a developing community of learning technologists 0 comments
An Appreciative Inquiry Perspective on Creation & Implementation of EPortfolios as a Strategic Tool for Learning & Evaluation 0 comments
An E-portfolio with Two Definitions and One Aim: Engagement 0 comments
An ePortfolio as evidence of research skills 1 comment
Appropriate and Practical Technologies for Students, Teachers, Administrators and Researchers 0 comments
ArgueGraph 2 comments
Assessment of group learning 0 comments
Assistive software for all 0 comments
Audio and screen visual feedback to support student learning 0 comments
Audio, autonomy and authenticity: constructive comments and conversations captured by the learner 0 comments
Augmented reality, better than the real thing? 0 comments
Basic skills training in a football club 0 comments
Bay of Pigs role play 0 comments
Between Analysis and Transformation: Technology, Methodology and Evaluation on the SPLICE project 0 comments
Beyond 9 to 5: Learning and community design to support flexible working 2 comments
Bioscience and forensic science students get a Second Life® 0 comments
Blogging on OU courses 0 comments
Boundary Management in E-learning: A Student Perspective 0 comments
Building online communities: From Social to Professional networking 5 comments
Can acquisition of expertise be supported by technology? 0 comments
Can classroom response systems (CRS) be deployed outside to aid the teaching of fieldwork? 3 comments
Can Technology Enhanced Learning engage the 'silent' student? 1 comment
Capitalising on learners’ cultural differences 0 comments
CCK09 Week 1 1 comment
Challenges in designing for effective and sustainable e-learning in a dual-mode institution 0 comments
Changing lurkers into active participants 0 comments
Chemistry pre-labs 0 comments
Classroom Capture: A Community of Practice 0 comments
Clinical interviewing 0 comments
Cognitive mapping as a research method 0 comments
Collaborative Observation On-Line (COOL): Addressing under-exploitation of the potential of Technology Supported Learning (TSL) 4 comments
Combining collaborative and individual work 0 comments
Comparing departmental ‘baseline’ and ‘opt-in’ strategies for e-learning adoption across an institution: which works best? 0 comments
CompendiumLD 1 comment
Competing brains (DS gaming) 0 comments
Computer-marked assessment (accounting) 0 comments
Computer-marked assessment (ICT skills) 0 comments
Computer-marked assessment (law) 0 comments
Computer-marked assessment (science) 0 comments
Conceptualising the design of a blended learning programme for language teachers in provincial Uruguay 0 comments
Conflict in the virtual learning community 1 comment
Connecting Transitions and Independent Learning: an evaluation of read/write web approaches 0 comments
Connectivism and Connective Knowlege 2009 course 0 comments
Connexions 0 comments
Contested knowledge 0 comments
Continuous Work-force Development for ICT staff: the Media Centre project at London South Bank University 0 comments
Contributing evidence of choice and change when using Open Educational Resources: a workshop 0 comments
Course team approaches to online task design in HE 0 comments
Create a network 0 comments
Creating a performance support tool as an assessment task 0 comments
Creating e-Assessment Dialogues: Where are we now and where should we be? 0 comments
Creating Technology Enhanced Courses with Reused and Repurposed Learning Materials: A Report from the JISC Psyche Project 0 comments
Crisis at Fort Sumter 0 comments
Critical success factors in e-learning for large enterprises 0 comments
Curriculum Challenges: 'big words that make us so unhappy' 0 comments
Curriculum mapping for pedagogical change? Case studies from Asia 0 comments
Demonstrating fundamental principles of a wiki to a group 0 comments
Design and Implementation of an Interprofessional Virtual Workshop 0 comments
Designing a Context-Aware Ubiquitous Language Learning Environment 0 comments
Designing Engaging Visualisations to Support History Learning 0 comments
Designing game-based learning activities in Second Life 1 comment
Designing or choosing collaborative tools 0 comments
Developing a class room response system for drag and drop activities 2 comments
Developing a transferable learning framework for the use of digital video archives in tertiary education. 0 comments
Developing an interaction model for learning in virtual worlds 0 comments
Developing confidence in evaluation 0 comments
Developing reflective practitioners through the use of blogs: a collaborative approach to learning communities 0 comments
DialogPlus toolkit 0 comments
Digital threads 0 comments
Discrepant events in science teaching 0 comments
Discussing assessment tasks 0 comments
Discussing case study videos 0 comments
Discussing creative writing 0 comments
Distribute This: online identity, presence & practice 0 comments
DNA from the beginning 0 comments
Do learners dream of digital seminars? What do learners dream of? 0 comments
Dream on: Slow progress in developing digital media infrastructures 0 comments
Dream or Nightmare: Metaverse Now or Web 3.D v2 in a Decade? 0 comments
Dream-Catcher in ICT: Creating a Web of Collaboration 0 comments
Dreams into [virtual] reality 1 comment
E-assessment in Wales: Experiences from HE in FE 0 comments
E-teacher training: didactical principles for developing e-teacher competences 0 comments
Education needs to be turned on its head 0 comments
EduTech Wiki catalog of online collaborative activities 0 comments
Effective learning from role play 0 comments
Effective Recruitment and Selection of Online Tutors 0 comments
Effective Technology for Effective Reading: Innovative use of hyperlinks in online readings for low prior knowledge learners 0 comments
Embedding ePDP in Teacher Training: experience and challenges 0 comments
Embedding structures for e-learning change 0 comments
Emerging practice and institutional change symposium: a user-centred, learning technology R&D support-community network 0 comments
Enabling a personalised experience for Lifelong Learners 0 comments
Enabling collaborative student learning in a Free (Cyber) world 1 comment
Encouraging self-organising groups 0 comments
Engaging interactions for e-learners 0 comments
Enhancing Curriculum Delivery for Postgraduate Distance Learning through New Technologies 0 comments
Enhancing University Curricula via Adventure Learning 0 comments
Ensemble Open Educational Resources site 0 comments
ePortfolio and web-based skills information 2 comments
Essential features of a conferencing system 0 comments
EVAF4All: Electronic Voting Analysis & Feedback 0 comments
Evaluating an institutional teaching and learning network 0 comments
Evaluating the use of the formative assessment through the virtual learning environment : the Sussex experience 0 comments
Evidence in Practice: Challenges for ‘doing’ Technology Enhanced Anything 0 comments
Exploring an implementation of a Personal Learning Environment (PLE) 0 comments
Facebook - Friend or Foe of Formative Feedback? 0 comments
Factors related to VLE use over three years 0 comments
Findings from ‘Technology, Feedback, Action!’: the impact of technology on student engagement with feedback 0 comments
Formal learning in an informal setting: the first semester student learning experience outside the classroom 0 comments
fOUndIt? Sharing online resources to support subject communities 0 comments
Frameworks for developing digitally literate learners 0 comments
Free chatting or structured dialogue? 0 comments
Free Online Machine Translation Web Sites: Is it time for language teachers to embrace them? An attempt to integrate FOMT into a 0 comments
From essays to problems 0 comments
From Virtual Learning Environment to Strategic Learning Environment: Evaluation an institutional VLE to meet new strategic prior 0 comments
Games lessons 0 comments
Gathering evidence of the design, use, reuse and redesign of Open Educational Content 0 comments
Getting Ready for Learning, Pencil case, Pen, Ruler. Rubber, HSPDA GPS Mobile Phone, Lucky Bear Key Fob 0 comments
Getting to the heart of a skill 0 comments
Globe repository 0 comments
Going beyond virtual patients: Open-source interactive web cases for all disciplines 0 comments
Harmonious and challenging voices - findings from a creative, audio pervasive module 0 comments
Harnessing technology to improve workplace information skills – balancing agendas and expectations 0 comments
Head in the cloud, PLEase help me study! 0 comments
Helping students choose resources 0 comments
Herding cats?: Engaging stakeholders in complex institutional change projects 0 comments
Historical treasure hunt 0 comments
Hood 2.1 - it’s still a Web 2.0 World out there 4 comments
How do students know when they’ve finished? 0 comments
How many tools is too many? 0 comments
How to initiate a successful reverse mentoring program 0 comments
Hypermedia pedagogy in a history course 0 comments
Ideas for online group work 0 comments
Identifying the potential of QR Codes as a Learning Technology 0 comments
If it takes a village to find a phone..... Using Appreciative Inquiry to engage a University in positive change 0 comments
If we dream it, will they come? The self-efficacy of students new to Second Life Learning 0 comments
In the Eye of the Storm: preliminary evidence on the use of online learning diaries 0 comments
Inclusive blended learning design in HE - A problem-based learning workshop putting theory into practice from a teaching perspec 0 comments
Informal learning on the history of maths 0 comments
Information literacy resources directory 0 comments
Innovation Base: lowering the barriers to knowledge acquisition, exploration, and sharing 0 comments
Innovative approaches to e-marking in symbolically-rich subjects 0 comments
Institutional partnering for effective e-learning capability development in HE 0 comments
Instruction to Independence is possible! Developing autonomous collaborative learning cultures in dance and digital performance 0 comments
Integrated, flexible, accessible and secure E-assessment – dreams, responsibilities and realities 0 comments
Integrating F2F and online activities 0 comments
Intense near-synchronous conferencing 0 comments
Interpreting technologies in use 0 comments
Interviewing experts 0 comments
Introducing architectural terminology 0 comments
Investigating a ‘virtual tutor’ approach for improving the communication skills of children with autism 0 comments
Investigating multiple strategies 0 comments
Involving learners in collaborative activities 0 comments
Is there a Net generation coming to university? 0 comments
It’s a nice place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there: using the ‘Visitor-Resident’ principle to guide approaches ... 0 comments
JISC case studies of innovation 0 comments
JISC effective practice guides 0 comments
Journaling for reflective practice 0 comments
Journaling reflections on computer modelling 0 comments
Knowledge forum 0 comments
Knowledge traveller 0 comments
LAMS at a technology specialist comprehensive school 0 comments
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The VLE is Dead 31 comments
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