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Gender and group attitudes to STEM: a pilot evaluation of an outreach robotics activity 1 comment
Introducing 'opinionated pedagogy' 0 comments
User evaluation of language learning mobile applications: a case study with learners of Spanish 0 comments
A Comparison of Indian Learner Experiences on a Local and Global MOOC Platform 2 comments
A European pilot study of a modular assessment system designed to authenticate the authorship of online learners 0 comments
A report on Chinese undergraduate students' online English language learning experiences and perspectives 0 comments
Accessibility and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs): the current state and next steps 0 comments
Activity level Learning Design representations to enhance curriculum design 0 comments
An Adaptive trust-based e-assessment System for Learning TeSLA 0 comments
An investigation into the phenomenon and discourse of Work Out Loud 0 comments
Analysing language learners’ lexical development through new online tools: towards empirically derived Learner Lexical Profiles in English and other languages 0 comments
Analysing Tutor Feedback for e-Assessment Systems 1 comment
Analytical Review (UK Government Department for Education) (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Are you driving blindfolded? A longitudinal mediation analysis of learning design, student behavior, and retention 0 comments
Arizona State University (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Assessing informal learning: a case study using historical audio guides 0 comments
Assessing next generation technology enhanced learning 0 comments
Assessing online collaborative work 0 comments
Assessing with confidence 0 comments
Assessment through non-text artefacts 0 comments
ASSISTments (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Automated Evaluation of Comments in a MOOC Discussion Forum 2 comments
Being a Scientist (2012) 0 comments
Bettermarks (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Beyond MOOCS – A Catalyst for Change 0 comments
Bingel (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Biodiversity Citizen Science: New Research Challenges for Human Computer Interaction (HCI) – keynote 0 comments
CALRG Annual Conference 2016 - Call for Papers 0 comments
Can a computer-marked exam improve retention? 0 comments
Can technology-enabled learning networks help to achieve practical organisational improvement outcomes? 1 comment
Capacity enablers and barriers for learning analytics (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Ceibal (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Changing and learning as a dimension of learning power 0 comments
Cito LUVS (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Civitas Learning (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Classical Narratives and Popular Forms: Constructing the Past through Television Drama and Digital Games 0 comments
Code of practice for learning analytics (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Cognitive Tutor software (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Conexus Vokal (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Course Signals: Purdue University 0 comments
Creating an Online Dimension for University Rankings 0 comments
Creativity as a dimension of learning power 1 comment
Creativity, Flow and Learning in Online Games 0 comments
Critical curiosity as a dimension of learning power 14 comments
Data-informed Learning Design for Future Schools 0 comments
Degree Compass (Desire2Learn) (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Denmark: User Portal Initiative (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Designing next generation technology enhanced learning 3 comments
Designing Technology to Increase Engagement in Education of Displaced War-affected Children 0 comments
Designing Technology To Provide Education To Children In Conflict Areas And Refugee Camps 0 comments
Digital Assess – adaptive comparative judgement (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Digital games: Motivation, engagement and informal learning 1 comment
Digital games: understanding the links between learning and involvement 0 comments
Digital Humanities 2 comments
Do children learn from playing Angry Birds? A comparative study of 4 and 5 years old 0 comments
Dunchurch Infant School (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
E2Coach (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Education governance: the role of data – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
Educause – Understanding and managing the risks of analytics in higher education: a guide (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Effective learning analytics pilots –Jisc (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) 0 comments
Elluminate in Language Teaching and Learning 0 comments
Embedding and sustaining inclusive STEM practices 1 comment
Enhancing teaching and learning through learning analytics and educational data mining (US Department of Education) (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
EnquiryBlogger 0 comments
ESRC Framework for Research Ethics 0 comments
Ethical use of student data policy – The Open University (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Evaluating comments in MOOC discussion forums 0 comments
Evaluating next generation technology enhanced learning 0 comments
Evaluating the integration of Jing® screencasts in feedback on written assignments 0 comments
Evaluation of policy frameworks for addressing ethical considerations in learning analytics (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Evidence Cafés for developing research and practice 0 comments
Evidence on Mobile Technologies in Lifelong Learning 0 comments
Exam revision, the student experience and ‘revision analytics’: understanding and designing for the student experience prior to examinations 0 comments
Exploiting information: getting the most from the OU Library (2012) 0 comments
Exploring barriers to participation in open, online learning 0 comments
Exploring the use of technologies in educational assessment in Primary Schools 0 comments
Face-to-face versus online tuition: Preference, performance and pass rates in White and ethnic minority students 0 comments
FFT Aspire (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Focusing on multimodality to observe meaning-making trajectories 0 comments
Further education learning technology action group: FELTAG (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Games-based learning as an effective middle-ground in police training 0 comments
Gender in Online Science and Technology: Understanding the gap between narratives and texts 0 comments
Georgia State University (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Good weather or bad weather? A story of fractions 0 comments
Haptics in Education: hapTEL project leading haptics research into learning, teaching and cognition 0 comments
High responsibility: the ethics of researching a MOOC about research ethics 4 comments
How is evidence-based literature informing e-Assessment practice: Findings from an HEA project 2 comments
How open should openTEL be? How interdisciplinary? 0 comments
How to design for transition: beyond MOOCs 0 comments
Identifying and addressing Tricky Topics in OU modules 0 comments
If you don’t know where you are going…how do you know if you have arrived? 1 comment
Improving retention of first year engineering students 0 comments
Improving the quality and productivity of the higher education sector – Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Investigating Dialogic Learning and Teaching in MOOCs: An Applied Linguistics Approach 1 comment
iSpot Local: bioblitzes and crowd-sourced digital data 0 comments
iSpot: A Growing Informal Learning Community 2 comments
itslearning (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Keynote: Professional and Digital Learning: Leveraging learning at work 0 comments
Khan Academy analytics (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Knewton (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
LACE Evidence Hub (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
LAEP Glossary 0 comments
LAEP Inventory – learning analytics tools, policies and practices 0 comments
LAEP Inventory: Policies 0 comments
LAEP Inventory: Practices 0 comments
LAEP Inventory: Tools 0 comments
Learning Analytics at the Workplace manifesto – LACE (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Learning Analytics Community Exchange: LACE (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Learning Analytics Expert Workshop (Amsterdam) 1 comment
Learning analytics for European educational policy – LAEP 0 comments
Learning Analytics of Emotion for self-regulated learning 0 comments
Learning Analytics Processor (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Learning analytics to identify exploratory dialogue within synchronous text chat 0 comments
Learning design and learning analytics 0 comments
Learning in Public - From Uncourse to Short Course 0 comments
Learning in uncertainty – how finance professionals learn? 0 comments
Learning relationships as a dimension of learning power 0 comments
Learning to Act in the Telepresence Classroom: the case of King Lear Online 0 comments
Learning with Technology In, About, Through and Despite Context 0 comments
Leveraging Learning gains: A multi-level longitudinal analysis of 30,000 online learners 0 comments
Literature and Mental Health: the MOOC as Research Tool 0 comments
Liveblogging 0 comments
Location-triggered language learning in a smart city using mobile technologies: a field study 1 comment
Loop (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Meaning making as a dimension of learning power 21 comments
Metacog (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Migrants learning languages using smartphones: tensions between wanting to belong and wanting to learn 0 comments
Mixed emotion detection in chat messages - it feels so good and so bad 0 comments
Models of feedback: Findings from hospital school teachers using ICT with children suffering from a chronic illness 0 comments
MOOCs for Development? Who are the Indian Learners that take Massive Open Online Courses 0 comments
Moving from research design to data collection (2012) 0 comments
Multimedia production in teaching and learning: opportunities and challenges 0 comments
Next Steps for Excellence in the Quality of e-Learning 0 comments
Norwegian Centre for ICT in Education (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Nottingham Trent University Student Dashboard (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
NUS – Learning analytics: a guide for students’ unions (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Old learning habits and new technologies: the impact of choice, control and identity in the learning experiences of novice adult students using ICT 0 comments
OLnet one year on: Blending evidence for collective intelligence 0 comments
Online Learning: An exploration of the last 20 inches 0 comments
Open Essayist (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
Opening up education (LAEP Inventory) 1 comment
Opening up multiple choice: assessing with confidence 0 comments
OU Analyse (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Out There and In Here: Connected to place, task and others through innovative technologies 1 comment
PAR Framework (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Parental perspective on young children’s use of touch-screen technology 0 comments
Pedagogy supplants technology to bridge the digital divide 0 comments
Personal Inquiry: The Nottingham Experience 0 comments
Personal Inquiry: The Open University Experience 0 comments
Policy brief on learning analytics – UNESCO (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
PredictED– Dublin City University (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Predictive modelling for addressing students’ attrition in higher education: The case of OU Analyse 0 comments
Preparing for Probation Review (2012) 0 comments
PRiMMA (Privacy Rights Management for Mobile Applications) 1 comment
Progress and Course Engagement (RioPACE) – Rio Salado College (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Psychometric Analyses of the Expectancy-Value-Cost Scale in Advanced Nanotechnology MOOCs 0 comments
Qualitative data analysis (2012) 1 comment
Quality Assurance and Innovation: Case Studies of Massive Open Online Courses in UK Higher Education 0 comments
Quantitative Data Analysis (2012) 0 comments
RadioActive: Informal Learning and Employability through Internet Radio and Social Media 0 comments
Reading and discussing literature online: a study on dialogue and online interaction 0 comments
Realising an Applied Gaming Eco-system: RAGE (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Recent trends in MOOC research: from three US conferences 0 comments
Remote practical-focused tutorials 0 comments
Researching next generation technology enhanced learning 0 comments
Resilience as a dimension of learning power 0 comments
Schoolzilla (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Science Learning Experiences in Citizen Inquiry Communities 0 comments
Self-directed informal learning by experienced online learners enrolled in FutureLearn MOOCs 0 comments
Skillaware (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Smart Cities MOOC 1 comment
SNAPP (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Social Network Analysis of Learning: Application of Significance Tests to Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) 0 comments
Social networking sites for language learning: Integrating project-based learning on Facebook in the Indonesian context 0 comments
Society for Learning Analytics Research: SoLAR (LAEP Inventory) 2 comments
Spanish Network of Learning Analytics: SNOLA (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
STELLAR Grand Challenges 0 comments
Strategic awareness as a dimension of learning power 2 comments
Student reflections on cross-cultural group work: Social, teaching and cognitive factors that influence collaboration 0 comments
Student retention and learning analytics: A snapshot of Australian practices and a framework for advancement (LAEP Inventory) 3 comments
Student Success Plan (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Students’ experiences and perceptions of anxiety in online collaborative learning (OCL) 0 comments
Study time distribution among learning activities: VLE usage and Technology determinants 0 comments
Supporting integration through incidental learning 0 comments
Supporting learners in mobile discovery of library resources 0 comments
Talk Factory: Supporting 'exploratory talk' in primary school science 1 comment
Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Grand Challenge(s) 0 comments
Teaching online with and alongside iQualify 0 comments
The ‘Gamification’ of GIS for teaching and learning 0 comments
The CERD Model: Three possible approaches to designing collaborative educational digital libraries 0 comments
The death of a network: Yik Yak and the value of anonymous social media in universities (Keynote) 0 comments
The e-porfolio and probation (2012) 0 comments
The iTunes U at the OU learner 0 comments
The medium is the message… Learning to Code for Data Analysis 0 comments
The New ABCs of Research: Achieving Breakthrough Collaborations (keynote) 1 comment
The Open Research Agenda 0 comments
The production of subjectivity through adaptations of assessment at UNED 0 comments
The roadmap to emotionally accessible MOOCs 0 comments
The self as an open educational resource (OER) 0 comments
The services to support students with disabilities at UNED 0 comments
The socio-technical construction of MOOCs and their relationship to educator and learning designer roles and practices in HE 0 comments
The use of co-regulated learning prompts to support students’ learning in a Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Environment 0 comments
Towards discourse-centric learning analytics 0 comments
Tribal's Student Insights (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Tricky Topics: from training teachers to evaluating innovations 0 comments
Twitter for language learning: the learners’ view 2 comments
Understanding distance learners’ academic and social adjustments: evidence of best practice from a South African context 0 comments
Use of ‘artcasting’ in classroom as a tool for engaging children with museums 0 comments
Use of visual elements to support knowledge construction in asynchronous dialogue 0 comments
Using social media technologies for research dialogues (2012) 0 comments
Using technology-enabled learning networks to achieve practical improvement outcomes 0 comments
Using Web 2.0 Technologies To Foster Collaborative Learning in Higher Education 0 comments
Visual Analytics around the Edges 0 comments
Visualising Social Learning for Discoverability 0 comments
Visualising the academic genealogy of the Institute of Educational Technology 0 comments
VitalSource CourseSmart (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
WATCHME project (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
What are the expectations of disabled learners when participating in a MOOC? 0 comments
What do educators’ contributions to MOOC discussion areas look like? 2 comments
What do MOOC providers think about accessibility? 0 comments
What do studying and teaching online look like? Looking at student and tutor video diaries 0 comments
What matters most for education management information systems framework paper – EMIS (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
Where is the learning occurring in mobile learning? Applying systems thinking to a messy situation. 0 comments
Who are the mooc educators and what are their tasks? A multiple case study 0 comments
Why Engage young People with Contemporary Science? 0 comments
With the lights out, it’s less dangerous: Rose Luckin 0 comments
Writing and getting published in science (2012) 0 comments
X-Ray Analytics (LAEP Inventory) 0 comments
xDelia: Design and Evaluation Framework 0 comments