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Living with dying and disablism: death and disabled children 0 comments
Professionals, Policies and Practices: Children and Young People in Social Welfare Contexts 0 comments
SocialLearn and Cloudworks: Developing your PhD Skills with online tools 4 comments
‘Street children’ in Bulawayo: identities, place and space 0 comments
“Privacy Shake”, a Haptic Interface for Managing Privacy Settings in Mobile Location Sharing Applications 0 comments
“Well my friends all speak Spanish, it’s normal for us because everyone has to do the same thing”: Constructions of young peoples’ accounts of normative activities 0 comments
A Release Planning Model to Handle Security Requirements 3 comments
Ability to learn 1 comment
Academic literacy: genres, priorities and strategies 1 comment
Academic literacy: process, texts and communities 1 comment
Academic literacy: writing abstracts 2 comments
Academic presentations 0 comments
Academic writing 0 comments
An emerging suite of social learning technologies 7 comments
An Investigation into Design Diagrams and Their Implementations 0 comments
An Investigation into Interoperability of Data Between Software Packages used to support the Design, Analysis and Visualisation of Low Carbon Buildings 0 comments
Analysing Semantic Networks of Identifier Names to Improve Source Code Maintainability and Quality 0 comments
Analysis of conceptual metaphors to inform music interaction designs 0 comments
Answers to questions! (conference workshop) 0 comments
Asking for help 0 comments
Being a Scientist 0 comments
Building relationships and networks 0 comments
Career development - why you should think about it now 0 comments
Combining study with family 0 comments
Comparisons of typical and atypical: useful or flawed? 0 comments
Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practitioners and 21st century health care 0 comments
Complying with ethical requirements 0 comments
Complying with heath and safety legislation 0 comments
Computation / rhetoric / text analysis / argumentation Workshop 0 comments
Continued professional development 2 comments
Creating a research community 0 comments
Creativity and innovation 0 comments
Critical reviewing 0 comments
Critical thinking 1 comment
Crowdsourcing education 3 comments
Depsychologising disability: Understanding the disabled child 0 comments
Designing a Climate Change Game for Interactive Tabletops 1 comment
Disabled children in state care in Eastern Europe 0 comments
Discovering Translational Patterns in Symbolic Representation of Music 0 comments
Distilling Privacy Requirements for Mobile Applications 0 comments
Documenting and reporting 0 comments
Does every child matter? A qualitative study of the phenomenon of street children in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 0 comments
Doing scientific experiments: experiment design 0 comments
Effective Tutoring with Affective Embodied Conversational Agents 0 comments
Ethical conduct in science 1 comment
Ethics and research: the OU framework 0 comments
Evaluating a mobile learning environment in a home car domain 0 comments
Experimental psychology research methods 0 comments
Exploiting information: getting the most from the OU Library 0 comments
Fieldwork with people 0 comments
Film presentation and discussion: ‘Vortex’ 0 comments
Flexibility and open-mindedness 0 comments
Focussing on pleasure? Piloting methods and exploring the field 0 comments
Following good research practice 0 comments
Future of social learning at The Open University 7 comments
Generating Accessible Natural Language Explanations for OWL Ontologies 0 comments
Getting published 0 comments
Getting published in science 0 comments
Giving and receiving feedback 0 comments
Health and safety in the laboratory 0 comments
How best to support scientific end-user software development? 0 comments
Identifying transferable skills 0 comments
Imagined globalised childhoods – migrant narratives of possible childhoods 0 comments
Independent working 0 comments
Information management 0 comments
International perspectives on social learning 3 comments
Interviewing techniques 5 comments
Introduction to EndNote 0 comments
Introduction to statistical analysis 2 comments
Investigating narrative “effects”: the case of suspense 0 comments
Issues and techniques for collaborative music making on multi-touch surfaces 0 comments
Justifying research methods 4 comments
Knowing current work in field 1 comment
Leaves in Hyperspace - Nature's Meteorologists 0 comments
Literature review for scientists 0 comments
Living difference: Transforming childhood experiences in transnational families 0 comments
Local civic governance using online media – a case of consensual problem solving or a recalcitrant pluralism 0 comments
Melodic Emotions: Insight and Prediction 0 comments
Merging Verifiable and Evolving Access Control Properties 0 comments
Model Driven Architecture of Large Distributed Hard Real Time Systems 0 comments
Moving from research design to data collection 0 comments
Narrative-discursive analysis 0 comments
Non-Cooperation in Computational Models of Dialogue 0 comments
Online supervision: from Skype to Second Life 0 comments
Organising your work 0 comments
Planning your career progression 0 comments
Plenary discussion: Student community support 1 comment
Plenary: Setting your trajectory: learning from role models 0 comments
Plenary: Standing out at interview 0 comments
Plenary: Voices of experience 0 comments
Poster Presentations 0 comments
Preparing for Probation Review 0 comments
Presenting to non-academics 0 comments
Presenting yourself to employers 0 comments
Presupposition Analysis in Requirements 0 comments
Probation assessment 1 comment
Project management 0 comments
Promotion of public understanding 1 comment
Qualitative data analysis 0 comments
Quantitative Data Analysis 0 comments
Questionnaire design 3 comments
Reasoning about Flaws in Software Design: Diagnosis and Recovery 0 comments
Recognising research problems 5 comments
Research as Hypermedia Narrative 0 comments
Research methods 0 comments
Research Methods Cloudquest 0 comments
Research poster design 0 comments
Research Skills: Academic Literacy and Numeracy 0 comments
Research Skills: Analysing 0 comments
Research Skills: Appropriate Practice 0 comments
Research Skills: Argument Construction 0 comments
Research Skills: Attribution and Co-authorship 0 comments
Research Skills: Career Management 0 comments
Research Skills: Collaboration 0 comments
Research Skills: Collegiality 1 comment
Research Skills: Commitment to Research 0 comments
Research Skills: Communication Media 0 comments
Research Skills: Communication Methods 0 comments
Research Skills: Continuing Professional Development 0 comments
Research Skills: Critical Thinking 0 comments
Research Skills: Enterprise 0 comments
Research Skills: Enthusiasm 0 comments
Research Skills: Equality and Diversity 0 comments
Research Skills: Ethics, Principles and Sustainability 0 comments
Research Skills: Evaluating 0 comments
Research Skills: Financial Management 1 comment
Research Skills: Global Citizenship 0 comments
Research Skills: Health and Safety 0 comments
Research Skills: Income and Funding Generation 0 comments
Research Skills: Influence and Leadership 2 comments
Research Skills: Information Literacy and Management 0 comments
Research Skills: Information Seeking 0 comments
Research Skills: Infrastructure and Resources 0 comments
Research Skills: Innovation 0 comments
Research Skills: Inquiring Mind 0 comments
Research Skills: Integrity 0 comments
Research Skills: Intellectual Insight 0 comments
Research Skills: Intellectual Risk 4 comments
Research Skills: IPR and Copyright 0 comments
Research Skills: Languages 0 comments
Research Skills: Legal Requirements 0 comments
Research Skills: Mentoring 0 comments
Research Skills: Networking 0 comments
Research Skills: People Management 0 comments
Research Skills: Perseverance 0 comments
Research Skills: Policy 0 comments
Research Skills: Preparation and Prioritisation 0 comments
Research Skills: Problem Solving 0 comments
Research Skills: Project Planning and Delivery 0 comments
Research Skills: Public Engagement 0 comments
Research Skills: Publication 0 comments
Research Skills: Reputation and Esteem 0 comments
Research Skills: Research Method - Practical Application 1 comment
Research Skills: Research Methods - Theoretical Knowledge 0 comments
Research Skills: Research Strategy 0 comments
Research Skills: Respect and Confidentiality 0 comments
Research Skills: Responsibility 0 comments
Research Skills: Responsiveness to change 0 comments
Research Skills: Responsiveness to Opportunities 0 comments
Research Skills: Risk Management 0 comments
Research Skills: Self-confidence 0 comments
Research Skills: Self-reflection 0 comments
Research Skills: Society and Culture 0 comments
Research Skills: Subject Knowledge 0 comments
Research Skills: Supervision 0 comments
Research Skills: Synthesising 0 comments
Research Skills: Teaching 0 comments
Research Skills: Team Working 0 comments
Research Skills: Time management 0 comments
Research Skills: Work-Life Balance 0 comments
Research tools: online tools for arts and humanities 0 comments
Research tools: online tools for educators and educational technologists 2 comments
Research tools: online tools for maths, computing and technology 0 comments
Research tools: online tools for medical researchers 0 comments
Research tools: online tools for social scientists 0 comments
Self-awareness 0 comments
Self-discipline 0 comments
Semantic Adaptivity and Social Networking in Personal Learning Networks 0 comments
Sensemaking in Web-based environments 0 comments
Skills Audit 1 comment
Skills Audit for Faculty of Science Students 0 comments
Social learning in the context of OpenLearn 3 comments
Social learning systems and communities of practice 2 comments
SocialLearn session: OU's Learning & Tech Conf. 2010 1 comment
Student Mini Conference (non-science) 0 comments
Student Mini Conference (science) 0 comments
Subjectivity after Orientalism: Citizenship in Other Worlds 0 comments
Supporting multimodal media recommendation and annotation using social network analysis 0 comments
Supporting Reflection about Web Resources within Mash-Up Learning Environments 0 comments
Supporting the Exploration of Research Spaces 0 comments
Tackling childhood obesity. Evaluating physical activity in children 0 comments
Teaching, mentoring, demonstrating 1 comment
The ‘other’ side of the Kitchen: Kitchen Stories from Behind the Scenes 0 comments
The e-porfolio and probation 0 comments
The effect of Feedback on the Motivation of Software Engineers 0 comments
The implications for social work practice of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 for Black and Minority Ethnics with Learning Difficulty 0 comments
The SocialLearn Project (KMi seminar) 0 comments
The spiritual dimension of counselling and psychotherapy: An exploratory study of the experience and perception of Maltese clinical and counselling psychologists 0 comments
Time management for busy researchers 1 comment
Understanding academic and commercial exploitation 0 comments
Understanding Object-Relational Impedance Mismatch: A Framework Based Approach 0 comments
Understanding research funding and evaluation 1 comment
Understanding technology-rich learning spaces 0 comments
Understanding the Influence of 3D Virtual Worlds on Perceptions of 2D E-commerce Websites 0 comments
Understanding the research context 1 comment
Undertaking a literature review 0 comments
Undertaking research presentations 0 comments
Using Business Process Security Requirements for IT Security Risk Assessment 0 comments
Using digital technologies for research 0 comments
Using information sources 0 comments
Using IT 0 comments
Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C 0 comments
Verifying Implementations of Security Protocols in C 0 comments
Welcome, Introduction and General Discussion 1 comment
Working in a team 0 comments
Writing and getting published in science 0 comments