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#phonar : An holistic approach to post-photographic learning 0 comments
Cognitive and Cultural Barriers to Openness 1 comment
Critical Literacy - a change in definition; a change in how we read/write/speak 1 comment
In Search Of Affordable Textbooks: How OER Can Reduce Costs 0 comments
Openness and Learning Analytics 1 comment
Six Key Dilemmas Inherent to Openness in Education 0 comments
Sustaining an Open Source Platform for Developing Mobile Learning Experiences 1 comment
Towards Open Sustainablity Education 0 comments
A case study in OER within the LMS 34 comments
A Mission-Based Ecosystem for OER 7 comments
Access is Not Enough 0 comments
Alanah Fitzgerald (SCORE) - Openness in English Language Teaching 0 comments
Barry Philips (Sero Consulting) - POERUP: Policies for OER Uptake 0 comments
Before we leave content behind (Irwin Devries, Norm Friesen) 5 comments
Closing Plenary (Creative Commons) 6 comments
Developing Foreign Language Courses for the Open Course Library Project (Lourdes Flores, Alexandra Gouirand, Anne Kelly-Glasoe) 1 comment
Does researcher participation in online networks democratize knowledge production and dissemination? 0 comments
DS106radio4life: Open Web Radio as a Platform for Learning, Experimentation, and Collaboration 2 comments
Ecologies of Yearning and the Future of Open Education (Gardner Campbell) 0 comments
Enabling Better 'Teaching and Learning': Improving Access to Open Educational Resources 5 comments
High-Touch & High-Tech: Best Practices in Open and Online Teaching (Sara Layton, Delaina Tonks, Sarah Weston) 0 comments
Innovate, Collaborate, Engage: Creating a User Driven Approach to the Development of Open Educational Resources (Will Engle, David Kohler) 0 comments
Inquiry of Design for Learning 0 comments
Is Academic Recognition Sufficient Incentive to Create Open Source Courseware? 0 comments
Making Open Courseware Count (Alana Harrington) 0 comments
Markus Deimann (FernUniversität in Hagen) - Assessing the effects of Open Education on Learning, Performance and Bildung: methodological considerations 0 comments
OER and Alternative Certification Models: Blurring Boundaries Between Formal and Informal Learning (Cynthia Jimes, Clare Middleton-Detzner) 0 comments
OER Essentials: How to Build, Adapt & Supplement Online/Hybrid Courses Using OER (Delaina Tonks, Sarah Weston) 0 comments
OER or open educational experience? 1 comment
OER to the Max: How one Community College is transforming its entire department through the use of open resources (Phillip Clark, Edward Coe, Donna Gaudet, et al) 1 comment
Open Academics Textbook Catalog (Nicole Allen, David Ernst) 0 comments
Opening Address: Martha Kanter 0 comments
OpenStax Tutor: Open Personalized Learning (Richard Baraniuk, JP Slavinsky, Daniel Williamson) 0 comments
Panel - The UNESCO Chairs in Open Educational Resources A Year Later and the Road Forward 0 comments
Panel Discussion: Open Education: Still a Chasm to Cross 0 comments
Phil Johnson & Craig Hammond, University Centre at Blackburn College, UK - Creativity for Edupunks 0 comments
Phil Johnson & Craig Hammond, University Centre at Blackburn College, UK - Creativity for Edupunks 0 comments
Richard Windle (Nottingham) - The Health of OER Reuse; The Reuse of Health OER 0 comments
Richardus Eko Indrajit (ABFI Institute, Perbanas, Jakarta) - Developing the Open Education Ecosystem: based on the study of 350 higher learning institutions 1 comment
Rob Farrow's design narrative: Visualising OER Research 2 comments
Rob Farrow's Response to 'Comparing Representations' 0 comments
Share Everywhere: A multi-project collaboration to make it easy to create and share content with legs (Katherine Fletcher, Marvin Reimer) 0 comments
Stipple and its potential usefulness for tracking OER 14 comments
The Changes and Challenges of Open Practice in the UK (panel discussion) 0 comments
The Ethics of Mobile Learning 8 comments
The Great Beyond with Open English Language Education Resources (Alannah Fitzgerald) 0 comments
The Impossible Open Education Future 0 comments
The Need for Open Business Models (Ariel Diaz) 0 comments
The Obviousness of Open Policy 1 comment
The Open Assignment Bank of ds106 and Remixing Thereof 0 comments
UNESCO Chairs in OER report on activities 0 comments