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Talk: Theory and reflection in pedagogy planner tools to support learning design 1 comment
1. Course Business Models workshop - Overview 0 comments
10 online learning tool for students 1 comment
100 best blogs on the future of learning 0 comments
100 serious twitter tips for academics 0 comments
2. Activity: Carpe Diem Storyboard 0 comments
2. Presentation - Fleck - The journey so far 0 comments
3. Presentation - Williams - Two examples from FELS 0 comments
4. Breakout sessions 0 comments
5 alternatives to Google Docs 0 comments
5. Presentation - Jones - Where next 0 comments
50 things that are being killed by the internet 15 comments
6. Presentation - Conole - Conceptualising Learning Design 3 comments
A consideration of learning activity: towards an activity-based approach 2 comments
A presentation for visualising learning designs 2 comments
A step in the dark 1 comment
A widget for mapping student tasks over time 7 comments
Active worlds 0 comments
Activity - Affordances 0 comments
Activity - Cloudquest Challenge 1 comment
Activity - Course view 0 comments
Activity - Pedagogical framework 0 comments
Activity 20 mins: Sharing CompendiumLD designs 0 comments
Activity 20 mins: The cloudquest challenge 6 comments
Activity: 1 Estonian elearning conference Cloudquest challenge 0 comments
Activity: 10 mins A simple Cloudquest challenge 94 comments
Activity: 10 mins Introductions and interests 12 comments
Activity: 10 mins Sharing designs 7 comments
Activity: 20 mins A schema mapping tools and activities to four facets of learning 2 comments
Activity: 20 mins Deconstructing the design of an OER 2 comments
Activity: 20 mins Strategies for design 12 comments
Activity: 20 mins Strategies for design 4 comments
Activity: 25 mins The power of visualisation 7 comments
Activity: 30 mins Finding and sharing learning and teaching ideas and designs 1 comment
Activity: 40 mins: CompendiumLD introductory activity 1 comment
Activity: Ascilite workshop cloudquest challenge 0 comments
Activity: Cloudquest challenge (Brisbane workshop) 15 comments
Activity: Clustering research questions activity 1 comment
Activity: Exploring cloudworks 0 comments
Activity: Exploring different representations 0 comments
Activity: Making a design more collaborative using CSCL collaboratitve pedagogical patterns 0 comments
Activity: New dynamics of language learning Cloudquest challenge 0 comments
Activity: Task swimlane view 0 comments
Activity: Using the course map and course dimension views 0 comments
Activity: Using the pedagogy profile widget 0 comments
Addressing student overload 1 comment
ALT-J Special Issue - The Transformational Impact of Learning Technology 0 comments
ALTC Exchange 0 comments
An affordance perspective to web 2.0 supported collaborative learning activities. 0 comments
An introduction to the book 0 comments
Approaches to evaluation 0 comments
Audio logs 1 comment
Babbel language learning site 3 comments 1 comment
Best resources for learning research and citation skills 0 comments
Best web 2.0 applications for education 2009 0 comments
Beyond current horizons report 0 comments
Blog post - meme and metaphors 0 comments
Blog post: 99 firefox add ons for education 2 comments
Blog post: The history and evolution of social media 5 comments
Blog post: To tweet or not to tweet 0 comments
Blog posts associated with 'Designing for learning in an open world' 0 comments
Blue skies thinking for design and OER 0 comments
BoB Box of Broadcasting 4 comments
Book references and links: Designing for learning in an open world 0 comments
Book: A designer's log: case studies in instructional design 0 comments
Bridging the gap between policy and practice: a reflective review and looking forward to the future 4 comments
Building flexibility into the curriculum 5 comments
Building the field of dreams - LAMS at NTU 0 comments
Business Models for OER and researching Web 2.0 2 comments A language learning site 0 comments
CAL conference resources 0 comments
Call for book chapters - evaluation of e-learning 0 comments
Call for papers - e-Assessment Scotland 2010: Marking the Decade 0 comments
Call for papers: AECT conference, October 2010 0 comments
Call for papers: ALT-C 2010 0 comments
CAll for papers: E-Learning conference, Freiburg, Germany 0 comments
Call for papers: eLearning papers 0 comments
Call for papers: Internatioanl Journal of University Teaching and Faculty Development 0 comments
Call for papers: MASAUM Journal of Computing 0 comments
Call for papers: Oxford ethnography and education conference 0 comments
Call for papers: special issue of Learning, Media and Technology 0 comments
Call for papers: Teaching and Learning 2010 0 comments
Call for presentations: Edmedia 2010 0 comments
Call for special issue of Distance Education: Fostering social inclusion through Open Educational Resources (OER) 0 comments
Call for virtual presentations: Edmedia 2010 0 comments
CALRG 09 Conference Discussion Area 5 comments
CALRG 09 Conference timetable 0 comments
CALRG 09 Conference twitter archive 1 comment
Case studies on new learning communities 0 comments
Challeges in designing courses 5 comments
Challenge 1: Developing the student experience: what's the deal? 0 comments
Challenge 2: How do we develop alternative business models for HE? 4 comments
Challenge 3: Keeping the balance: research rigour, accessibility and impact? 7 comments
Challenge 4: Technology: disrupting the business of HE or opportunities? 0 comments
Chapter 1 Introduction (May 2011) 2 comments
Chapter 10 The nature of openness (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 11 Open Educational Resources (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 12 Case study - realising the vision of OER (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 13 Online communities and interactions (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 14 Case study - Cloudworks (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 15 Pedagogical planners (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 2 Design languages (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 3 Related research fields (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 4 - Social and participatory media 0 comments
Chapter 4 Open, social and participatory media (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 5 Theory and methodology in learning design research (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 6 Mediating Artefacts (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 7 Affordances (May 2011) 15 comments
Chapter 8 - Design representations 0 comments
Chapter 8 Design representations (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter 9 Case study - tools for visualising designs (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter one: Introduction to designing for learning in an open world 4 comments
Chapter references (May 2011) 0 comments
Chapter six - design languages 6 comments
Chapter three - reviewing the emergence of learning design as a research field 2 comments
Chapter two - locating the field 0 comments
Chapter: New approaches to openness - beyond Open Educational Resources 0 comments
Chapters overview (May 2011) 0 comments
CIRCLE - community network 0 comments
Closed blog space for Landscapes of practice workshop 0 comments
Cloudscapes 4 comments
Cloudworks - social networking for design 11 comments
Cloudworks cloudquest challenge 0 comments
Cloudworks coffee morning 0 comments
Cloudworks: a social networking site for design 1 comment
Cloudworks: a virtual fieldtrip 22 comments
Commoncraft 1 comment
Communities of practice 6 comments
Competition: JISC conference 2010 blog competition - Win a Flip camera! 0 comments
Complex learning about learning science 0 comments
Conceptual diagram of a Personal Learning Environment 0 comments
Conference: KMIS 2010 - International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information 0 comments
Conole - Aalborg presentation 0 comments
Conole - DCU Learning Design masterclass 2 comments
Conole - Digital Literacies Presentation 0 comments
Conole - Keynote, Dublin City University 0 comments
Conole - learning design presentation 2 comments
Conole - MOOC presentation 0 comments
Conole - MOOC workshop 0 comments
Conole - presentation: Learning in an Open World 0 comments
Conole - Workshop: How to leverage open resources and practices in your teaching 0 comments
Conole: Addressing the digital learning challenge 3 comments
Conole: Powerpoint slides 0 comments
Conole: Presentation - Exploring the potential of new open, social and participatory media 0 comments
Conole: Seminar - Open scholarship in the age of digital competition 1 comment
Conole: Webinar on Web 2.0 and social inclusion - recommendations 3 comments
Convert website to PDF 0 comments
Course brainstorm 0 comments
Creating a learning activity in CompendiumLD 0 comments
Creating a visual design for an e-learning scenario 0 comments
Crowdspring 0 comments
Curriculum design representations 2 comments
Curriculum representations 0 comments
Dan Sutch: Engaging with technological and social changes in education 0 comments
Data collection tools and techniques for OER research 7 comments
Deadlines for LAMS conference 0 comments
Demonstration of repurposing a Language Open Educational Resource 0 comments
Design challenge - summary 0 comments
Design for learning and the research/teaching nexus Inquiry 0 comments
Design problem, design solution 1 comment
Design tips: Assessment 0 comments
Design tips: Learning outcomes 0 comments
Design tips: Learning tasks 0 comments
Design tips: Pedagogy 0 comments
Design tips: Resources 0 comments
Design tips: Roles 0 comments
Design tips: Tools 0 comments
Design tips: What is a learning activity? 0 comments
Design-based research 0 comments
Designing in CompendiumLD 3 comments
Developing curricula across different nation states 0 comments
DIAL-e framework 0 comments
Diccionario práctico de Tecnología educativa 0 comments
Digital dialogues for thinking and learning 0 comments
Digital habits - stewarding technology for communities 0 comments
Digital identity and social media 0 comments
Digital literacy resources 0 comments
Digital student 3 comments
Dimdim - free web conferencing tool 0 comments
Discussion 1: Looking out: engaging beyond institutional boundaries 7 comments
Discussion 2: Looking in: engaging with staff 5 comments
Discussion Area: JISC Curriculum Design Cluster C 1 comment
Discussion group: Describing the curriculum 0 comments
Discussion group: Describing the curriculum 0 comments
Discussion group: Faculty engagement 7 comments
Discussion group: Using CompendiumLD 1 comment
Discussion group: Using other visualision tools for design 2 comments
Discussion group: Using pedagogical patterns 1 comment
Discussion group: Using social networking to share and discuss learning design 1 comment
Discussion: The development of cloudworks 0 comments
Discussion: Thoughts on cloudworks 0 comments
Discussion: Thoughts on CompendiumLD 7 comments
Discussion: Thoughts on CompendiumLD 0 comments
Discussion: What does being open in research terms mean? 4 comments
Distance and e-learning in transition 0 comments
DocumentCloud 0 comments
Dominant discourses in TEL 0 comments
Downstream from the SOURCE 3 comments
E-books and reading on mobile phones 17 comments
E-learning conferences 1 comment
E-learning conferences and events 2 comments
E-learning resources websites 2 comments
E-learning watch 0 comments
E-learning watch August 2012 0 comments
EDEN conference 2010, Valencia, June 2010 - call for papers 0 comments
Eden conference blog 0 comments
Edmedia conference 0 comments
EdTech conference twitter archive 1 comment
Educational Technology and Related Education Conferences 0 comments
Educational, technical and social futures: challenges and findings from ‘Beyond current horizons' 0 comments
eLearningWarch April 2013 0 comments
Electronic voting and interactive lectures using twitter 0 comments
Emergence of new online spaces and communities 0 comments
Emerging perspectives on learning, teaching, and technology 0 comments
En Rumbo spanish course Discussion Area 0 comments
En rumbo spanish course website 0 comments
English in Action Project 0 comments
EUROCALL 15 comments
EURODL special issue on OER and creativity - call for papers 1 comment
Europeana 0 comments
Evaluation 2 comments
Evaluation 2 comments
Evaluation feedback 0 comments
Evaluation for learning 0 comments
Evaluation: Ascilite workshop evaluation and action plan 0 comments
Evaluation: ConnectEd Learning Design workshop 0 comments
Evaluation: ETUG workshop, 20th October 4 comments
Evaluation: ETUG workshop, 21st October 2 comments
Evaluation: Re-evaluating online learning workshop, 30th September 2014 0 comments
Evaluation: toolkits, tools and resources 1 comment
FELS foundation degrees workshop Discussion Area 1 comment
Final call for papers EISAT 2010 0 comments
Formative mini-tests in Chemistry 0 comments
From CYCLOPS to Smart Meeting Pro 0 comments
From dialogue design to interaction design 2 comments
From e-pedagogies to activity planners – how can we help teachers? 2 comments
Future issues in socio-technical change in education 2 comments
Future of academic publishing 0 comments
Future scenarios for schools 1 comment
Generation me 0 comments
Good examples of mindmapping in teaching? 24 comments
Grand challenges for educational technology 2 comments
Graphical Learning Modeller 1 comment
H800 Using Cloudworks on the H800 course 39 comments
Help with writing your thesis 1 comment
History 2.0 classroom 0 comments
Home group 1: The wordle group 0 comments
Home group 2 0 comments
Home group 3: The Icelandic Cloud 8 comments
Home group 6: The namibian nucleus 5 comments
Home groups: Reflections on the conference 1 comment
Horizon report - australia 2 comments
How can podcasts be used in teaching? 9 comments
How can we transfer good practice developed around one Open Educational Resource to inform the design of another? 0 comments
How do discussions in closed spaces like password protected forums compare with open debates in spaces like cloudworks? 6 comments
How do we get people to share designs, share learning ideas? Is social media the answer? 23 comments
How do you foster the motivation for sharing? 23 comments
How mining ICT data can improve and inform teaching practice 0 comments
How people learn: brain, mind, experience and school 0 comments
How to create a brilliant online course 6 comments
How twitter really works - use of @ 0 comments
iCreaNet - Additional resources 4 comments
ICreaNet - Brainstorming 9 comments
iCreaNet - introduction 1 comment
Ideas for Olnet activities 2 comments
Ideas for Olnet researcher workshops 3 comments
IET Coffee morning cloudquest challenge 0 comments
IET Coffee Morning Session on Cloudworks - discussion 0 comments
Images from OER Meeting, Monterey 0 comments
Images on OER design & social practices 4 comments
Implementing electronic reports: benefits, challenges and suggestions 0 comments
Instructional design models 0 comments
Interactive posters and presentations 0 comments
Interim report: HEFCE's online learing task force 0 comments
InterLoc project 1 comment
Interview questions: Reflections on cloudworks 0 comments
Interview: Amee Godwin's reflection on cloudworks 0 comments
Interview: Dominic Newbould on cloudworks 0 comments
Interview: Grainne Conole on cloudworks 20 comments
Interview: Martin Weller on cloudworks 0 comments
Introduction to the OPAL project 0 comments
Introduction to the spotlight 0 comments
Introductions 10 comments
IRODL Special Edition: Connectivism: Design and delivery of social networked learning 0 comments
Is learning just intrinsically hard and therefore you can’t make it easy? 16 comments
Is twitter killing blogging? 49 comments
Is unguided inquiry a problem? Perspectives from productive failure 1 comment
ISKS conference, Limerick University Discussion Area 15 comments
It's all about learning; the rest is technology promoting active learning 2 comments
IT’s evolving, they’re changing, we’re listening: everybody’s learning 0 comments
JISC Advance 0 comments
JISC Cluster C curriculum design baseline reports 1 comment
Journal article: Cog-learn 0 comments
Journal article: Collaborative pedagogical patterns 0 comments
Justin TV: Spanish TV site 0 comments
Keynote - "Where in the world is e-learning?" impartida por Paul Bacsich 0 comments
Keynote - Conole -The potential and paradoxes of new technologies and implications for education and its relation to web citizenship” impartida por Grainne Cono 0 comments
Keynote - Conole Connecting research with policy and practice 0 comments
Keynote - Conole: The changing landscape of educational practice 4 comments
Keynote - Conole: Visioning for the future, harnessing the power of openness 0 comments
Keynote - Dougiamas - Forming communities of learners online 0 comments
Keynote - Kugeman 0 comments
Keynote - Salmon: The tree of learning 2 comments
Keynote - Wheeler: Open of use? The challenge of user generated content and its impact on OER 0 comments
Keynote G. Molnar – University of Szegad 0 comments
Keynote presentation at CAL09 0 comments
Keynote_Conole Social exclusion and Web 2.0 technologies 0 comments
Keynote_Conole Social exclusion and Web 2.0 technologies 0 comments
Keynote: Bean - The Global University a perspective on current challenges and future opportunities 0 comments
Keynote: Carr-Gregg Cybersafety 2 comments
Keynote: Clay The future of learning 2 comments
Keynote: Conole - A design-based approach: towards Education 2.0 0 comments
Keynote: Conole - Blue skies thinking, innovations in learning and teaching 0 comments
Keynote: Conole - Innovation through design: new approaches to learning and teaching 23 comments
Keynote: Conole - Learning design - making practice explicit 2 comments
Keynote: conole - new pedagogies for social and participatory media 0 comments
Keynote: Conole - Predicting the future - fact or fantasy? 5 comments
Keynote: Conole - Rdefining openness - a vision of open practices 0 comments
Keynote: Conole - Serendipity and fun as ingredients for transforming practice 1 comment
Keynote: Conole - Webinar on social inclusion, Web 2.0 and language education 9 comments
Keynote: Conole - What would learning in an open world look like? A vision for the future 5 comments
Keynote: Conole Embracing change, where might daring to think differently take us? 0 comments
Keynote: Conole: Promoting open educational practices through social and participatory media 0 comments
Keynote: Conole: Pushing the boundaries into the unknown, trajectories of user behaviour in new frontiers 4 comments
Keynote: Conole: What is the Impact of New Forms of Social and Participatory Media on Assessment Practices? 1 comment
Keynote: Conolle - SVEA conference, Brussels, 23rd November 2011 0 comments
Keynote: D'Antoni - Open Educational Resources: building knowledge societies 4 comments
Keynote: Diener This will change everything 3 comments
Keynote: Doug Johnson 0 comments
Keynote: Facer - Young peoples digital cultures 0 comments
Keynote: Goodyear - 'Learning through Inquiry and Teaching-as-design' 6 comments
Keynote: Martin Bean at the AL Conference 0 comments
Keynote: Mitra - Towards the future of learning 2 comments
Keynote: Paulsen - Visualizing student profiles through NKI’s online catalogue and student network 6 comments
Keynote: Podolskij - On developmental dimensions of the instructional design knowledge base 3 comments
Keynote: Prof. Ruth Illman (Åbo Akademi, Finland). 0 comments
Keynote: Rainey - Cyberlearning – advancing innovations in education Daphne Rainey 0 comments
Keynote: Seely-Brown Learning in/for the digital age – where engagement matters even more 1 comment
Keynote: Wenger and Engström - An open dialogue of keynotes' theoretical perspectives 7 comments
LAMS activity planner 0 comments
LAMS activity planner 1 comment
LAMS Learning Design conference keynote 0 comments
LAMS: Cloudworks presentation 2 comments
Landscapes of practice twitter archive 0 comments
Landscapes of practices workshop admin details 0 comments
Latour meets the digital natives: what do we really know? 0 comments
Launch of the ILTA website 13 comments
LDSE pedagogical planner tool 0 comments
LDSE project 0 comments
Learners reshaping learning landscapes: new directions for old challenges? 0 comments
Learning 2.0 0 comments
Learning 2.0 review report 0 comments
Learning analytics resources and links 0 comments
Learning Design at the OU: visualising, guiding and sharing designs 0 comments
Learning Design Overview 1 comment
Learning design research questions 4 comments
Learning design symposium 0 comments
Learning Design Toolbox cloudquest challenge 0 comments
Learning design: Simulating accident investigation in virtual worlds 1 comment
Learning designs [1]: Information and Communication Technologies and Their Role in Flexible Learning 0 comments
Learning in an open world: Vision Statement 11 comments
Learning 0 comments
Learning tasks 0 comments
Learning technology and widening access 1 comment
Learning theories 3 comments
Learning to collaborate – collaborating to learn 0 comments
Learning, mediating technologies and the social memory 0 comments
Learning, reflection and change 1 comment
List of forthcoming ed tech conferences 0 comments
Literature review of interdisciplinarity 0 comments
Literature review of OER and OEP 0 comments
Literature review of use of Web 2.0 in HE 17 comments
Live blog of Goodyear's talk on Pedagogial patterns 5 comments
Live radio: question time debate 1 comment
Livemocha online language learning community space 1 comment
Locating learning design research 0 comments
LORO 1 comment
Making group work work 1 comment
Making it easier for students through the use of technology 1 comment
Making medieval Greek text interesting 0 comments
Measuring what people know 0 comments
Media Zoo 0 comments
Mentoring, metacognition and music to mobile learning 1 comment
Meta-analysis: online learners perform better than f2f students 1 comment
Method: A schema for mapping tools and activities to dimensions of learning 0 comments
Mindmap for spanish revision 0 comments
Mindmap for spanish revision Unidad 3 0 comments
Mindmap of the Spanish preterite 2 comments
Mindmap: Teaching and learning in the digital world 1 comment
Mobile phones in Sub Saharan Africa 0 comments
MobileWeb 2.0 2 comments
More spanish mindmaps 0 comments
Motivating teachers to use technologies 13 comments
Moving ahead to learning for all - from open educational resources to open educational practices 0 comments
New approaches to visualising learning designs 0 comments
New e-books inform and grade 0 comments
New foundation degrees 0 comments
New literacies 2 comments
New pedagogies 11 comments
New technologies, new pedagogies with mobile devices 6 comments
New visualisations for LAMS 0 comments
OER and Olnet overview presentation 0 comments
OER beyond the OU, making connections and spotting (research challenging) opportunities 0 comments
OER collaborations 6 comments
OER meeting visualisation of the opening session 0 comments
OER panel: Quality Issues for Open Educational Resources 0 comments
OERs in Africa visualisation 0 comments
Old Chapter 1 - Contextualising learning design 1 comment
Old Chapter 10 - Open Educational Resources 0 comments
Old Chapter 11 - Open, social and participatory media 0 comments
Old Chapter 12 - Case study of Cloudworks 0 comments
Old Chapter 13 - Theory and methodology in learning design research 0 comments
Old Chapter 15 - Mediating Artefacts 0 comments
Old Chapter 16 - Open Practices 0 comments
Old Chapter 17 - Realising the vision of Open Educational Resources 0 comments
Old Chapter 18 - Online interactions and communities 0 comments
Old Chapter 2: Locating the field 0 comments
Old Chapter 3 - The emergence of learning design as a research field 0 comments
Old Chapter 4 - Design-Based Research 0 comments
Old Chapter 5 - An overview of design representations 0 comments
Old Chapter 6 - Design languages 0 comments
Old Chapter 7 - Design Languages 0 comments
Old Chapter 8 - Case study on representation: Making designs explicit through visualisation 0 comments
Old Chapter 9 - Pedagogical planners 0 comments
Olnet OER design workshop 0 comments
Olnet OER design workshop 0 comments
OLnet research projects visualisation 0 comments
Olnet research questions 1 comment
Online round table on Personal Learning Environment 0 comments
Online spanish TV 0 comments
OPAL case study 60: Using RSS feeds and web feeds for learning, UK 0 comments
OPAL expert meeting: useful references and links 0 comments
OPAL project - useful related resources and initiatives 1 comment
Open Educational Resources Commons 0 comments
Opening doors to digital learning – open educational repositories for community discovery, sharing, reuse and activity 0 comments
OULDI - related activities and collaborations 0 comments
OULDI Ascilite workshop Discussion Area 2 comments
OULDI website 0 comments
Overview of foundation degrees at the OU 0 comments
Panel session: Dragon's den 13 comments
Panel session: International CODE Symposia 0 comments
Paper: Review of pedagogical models and frameworks 35 comments
Paper: Social exclusion or inclusion - the implications of social and participatory 0 comments
Paper: theory and methodology in networked learning 0 comments
Parallel session: The Re VICa project - review of virtual campuses 2 comments
Pattern: Objects to talk with 0 comments
Pattern: Predict Observe Explain 0 comments
Pattern: Think-pair-share 4 comments
PBL Interactive 0 comments
Pedagogical design summit 0 comments
Pedagogical innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities 3 comments
Pedagogical innovations in new ICT-facilitated learning communities Discussion Area 3 comments
Pedagogical models 23 comments
Pedagogical patterns symposium 0 comments
Pedagogical planner summit & learning through inquiry Discussion Area 2 comments
Pedagogical schema 0 comments
Pedagogy profile/Activity profile 3 comments
Performance poetry 0 comments
Persona - Sarah 0 comments
Persona Eduardo 0 comments
Personal Learning Environment - a conceptual study 0 comments
Plenary summary 10 comments
Plenary summary - reseacher 2.0 0 comments
Plenary: Conole - learning innovations through social and participatory media 1 comment
Podcast: Interview with Grainne Conole about cloudworks 1 comment
Poll 1: Can social media and language learning lead to social equality? 1 comment
Poll 2: Among the recommendations given by the speakers, which one is the most important? 1 comment
Popling - learning without studying 0 comments
Postscript: Reflections on adopting an open approach to writing a book 0 comments
Power law of participation 1 comment
Powerleague tool for voting 0 comments
Predicting the future of ICT 1 comment
Presentation - Conole - Digital literacies for a modern context 0 comments
Presentation - Conole - The rough guide to Cloudworks 8 comments
Presentation - Conole on the Critical literacies course 0 comments
Presentation - Conole: IET Research Workshop 0 comments
Presentation - Conole: Theory and methodology 0 comments
Presentation - Hallik: E-Textbooks 0 comments
Presentation - Labastide: OER - sharing the present, building the future 0 comments
Presentation - McGreal Sharks and frogs 0 comments
Presentation: A theoretical design for learning model addressing the networked society 0 comments
Presentation: Anderson - 3 generations of DE pedagogies 0 comments
Presentation: Asger Harlung - Some thoughts on creativity in the Danish educational tradition 2 comments
Presentation: Barry Sponder - Some thoughts about culture creativity and education 3 comments
Presentation: Bennett and Agostinho: Learning Design Workshop 0 comments
Presentation: Brown - Finding the appropriate blend – balancing the cutting edge with the bleeding edge of innovation 0 comments
Presentation: Browne and Newcombe - Open Educational Resources – a new creative space 0 comments
Presentation: Cloudworks coffee morning 0 comments
Presentation: Community-centered networks and networking among companies educational and cultural institutions and research 0 comments
Presentation: Conole - Design in practice: aligning ‘design creativity’ with ‘design practice’ 0 comments
Presentation: Conole - Graz 0 comments
Presentation: Conole - Harnessing technologies to foster creativity 2 comments
Presentation: Conole - learning analytics to foster good pedagogy 0 comments
Presentation: Conole - Online communities and interactions - reflections on the use of new social and participatory media 0 comments
Presentation: Conole - OPAL Webinar 0 comments
Presentation: Conole New approaches to designing for learning 0 comments
Presentation: Conole Presentation for the Ascilite Learning Design workshop 3 comments
Presentation: Conole Utrecht workshop 0 comments
Presentation: Conole: Digital literacy skills for today's participatory media - the role of creativity 0 comments
Presentation: Democratic collaborative dialogue and negotiation of meaning in digital teaching and learning environments 0 comments
Presentation: Dimitriadis et al. New design approaches to repurposing OERs for collaborative learning 3 comments
Presentation: Donald and Blake Reviewing learning designs with HEART – a learning design support strategy 3 comments
Presentation: E-pedagogies, social media and open practices 0 comments
Presentation: Fred Litto 2 comments
Presentation: Goodyear, Kali & Tickner Complex spaces for learning: theory and practice in design, co-design and re-design 1 comment
Presentation: Hanley MERLOT 0 comments
Presentation: Hilary Thomas Getting to know you, getting to know all about you 0 comments
Presentation: Ingrid Day Blended Learning 0 comments
Presentation: Learning Design workshop 0 comments
Presentation: Learning in an open world 0 comments
Presentation: Magical expertise – development to a magician from apprentice to a master 1 comment
Presentation: Mellow - The song remains the same – Peter Mellow, Auckland University of Technology 0 comments
Presentation: Nicol 6 comments
Presentation: On leveraging social technologies in corporate environments 0 comments
Presentation: online group work patterns: how to promote a successful collaboration 0 comments
Presentation: Re-evaluating your online teaching 0 comments
Presentation: Roger Mills 1 comment
Presentation: Sociability, open practices and Learning Design: fostering collaborative learning 0 comments
Presentation: Social ecosystems 0 comments
Presentation: The student perspective 2 comments
Presentation: Ville Venäläinen and Tarmo Toikkanen - SOMETU 0 comments
Prezi: sites for dynamic presentation 2 comments
Proactive Design for Learning (PD4L) paper 0 comments
Project outline: A framework for preparing teachers to teach with ICT (EUPT3) 0 comments
Project: Course Business Models 0 comments
Project: Design-Practice 0 comments
Project: Interdisciplinarity and technology-enhanced learning 0 comments
Project: JISC-OULDI 0 comments
Project: OPAL 0 comments
Project: OULDI 1 comment
Project: Perls in the clouds 0 comments
Project: X-Delia 0 comments
Promoting inquiry-based learning through mobile devices 0 comments
Question 1. Who is using OER? 0 comments
Question 2. How are new open, social and participatory media and OER being used in learning and teaching? In what ways are they leading to social inclusion/exclusion 0 comments
Question 3. What digital literacy skills do learners and teachers need to make effective use of these technologies and resources? 0 comments
Question 4. What is the impact on organizations of these new technologies and resources? 0 comments
Question 5. How can we design OER more innovatively to harness the potential of these new technologies and resources? 0 comments
Question 6. How are the ways in which learners and teachers communicating and collaborating changing with the use of these technologies? 0 comments
Question 7. How can we create effective new digital learning environments to promote the use of OER? 0 comments
Question 8. How can informal learning using OER be assessed and accredited? 0 comments
Question 9. What kinds of policy directives are in place to promote social inclusion through the use of OER and how effective are they? 0 comments
Question: How is OER being used to innovate educational practice? 0 comments
Question: What 3 words would you use to describe cloudworks? 17 comments
Question: What are the barriers and enablers to the use of OER/OEP? 0 comments
Question: What are the current OER/OEP policy arrangements at institutional and national level across Europe/the World? 0 comments
Question: What are the key OER/OEP initiatives? 0 comments
Question: What constitutes open educational practice? 0 comments
Question: What is the nature of openness? 5 comments
Question: What tools and repositories are being used for OER/OEP? 0 comments
Questions about the impact of technology 5 comments
Questions: How is open educational practice used to improve quality? 0 comments
Questions: What actors are involved in OER/OEP? 0 comments
Realization of LAMS WZiEU project at the University of Szczecin 0 comments
Referencing software 10 comments
Reflection on the pedagogical patterns summit 0 comments
Reflections on CETIS 2008 0 comments
Reflections on the spotlight 1 comment
Reflections: on the Networked Learning Conference 2010 16 comments
Related projects and topics 0 comments
Related projects, topics and resources 0 comments
ReLive second life conference 0 comments
Report: Becoming literate in new media 0 comments
Report: Education at a glance 0 comments
Report: JISC impact report 0 comments
Report: State of the art review of e-learning and learning design 0 comments
Report: Technology enhanced learning as a site for interdisciplinary research 9 comments
Research 2.0 - research in an open world 14 comments
Research bids 2.0 0 comments
Research paper: The web as Personal Learning Environment 0 comments
Research project: Interdisciplinarity and technology-enhanced learning 0 comments
Research questions on the design and reuse of OER 0 comments
Researcher 2.0: digital scholarship in science 0 comments
Resource: An introduction to cloudworks 0 comments
Resource: An OER design cycle 1 comment
Resource: Cmap concept mapping tool 0 comments
Resource: Course dimensions 2 comments
Resource: Course map 1 comment
Resource: Course performance 0 comments
Resource: Curriculum mapping 0 comments
Resource: Design decision assistant 0 comments
Resource: ELearn magazine 0 comments
Resource: Finance view 1 comment
Resource: Five-category course map representation 2 comments
Resource: Seven top tips for designs 12 comments
Resource: Task swim-line representation 0 comments
Resource: Viewpoints cards: Assessment and Feedback 2 comments
Resource: Viewpoints cards: Learner engagement 2 comments
Resources about research methods 0 comments
Resources for helping teachers to use Bloom's taxonomy 0 comments
Resources on OER and social inclusion 1 comment
Resources: Help and guidance on using CompendiumLD 0 comments
Resources: Tools and approaches for supporting the design and reuse of OER 1 comment
Review of e-learning 0 comments
Review: Botturi and Stubbs, 2008 0 comments
Review: Lockyer et al., 2008 0 comments
Review: Spector et al., 2008 0 comments
Scenario: Tools and methods to support a learner of spanish 0 comments
Scholarly publishing 2.0 1 comment
SCU talk - presentation 0 comments
SCU workshop - evaluation 3 comments
SCU workshop - presentation 0 comments
Second life research 1 comment
Seminar: Designing for learning: the state of the art of learning design 0 comments
Sessions - feedback 0 comments
Setting up a flash debate 0 comments
Sharing and collaborating with others over the web 2 comments
Sharing resources 3 comments
Social media seminar series 0 comments
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